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February 17, 2015

Why you should start a GPS business

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, entrepreneurs start hundreds of thousands of new businesses every year. And they start them for good reasons. Owning a business provides benefits that are not available to individuals working as employees of other companies in traditional jobs. If part of your New Year’s Resolutions include starting your own […]

Happy Handshake

February 10, 2015

Steps to Post Deployment Success

One of the benefits of running a GPS tracking business is that you get to sign up clients who will pay you monthly for the lifetime of your business relationship. However, they will not pay you forever just because they sign up with you. Earning the business of a customer long-term requires you to establish […]


January 21, 2015

Using vehicle diagnostics

Your clients will want to use their GPS tracking system to improve their fleet’s performance and to reduce wasted time and money. The mapping and routing features help get drivers from stop to stop faster and more efficiently. This can lower costs by helping to reduce overtime. Your client’s customers will also appreciate drivers showing […]


January 14, 2015

Closing strategies for GPS entrepreneurs

There are many steps you’ll have to take to move your prospects down the sales funnel from unaware to active client. For many business owners, closing deals can be one of the most stressful parts of the sales process. And this is true for both the seller and buyer. Therefore you should be looking to […]


January 7, 2015

Mobile tracking – keeping an eye on things while out of the office

GPS tracking is a useful tool for dispatchers in the office to use to assign drivers the most efficient routes and schedules. The features available on mobile devices can help your clients’ drivers find their way to their destinations using the most efficient route possible. GPS tracking is also lets management keep track of drivers […]

Sales Forecasting

December 23, 2014

Sales forecasting for your GPS business

Sales forecasting uses sales data and growth rates from the recent past to make predictions about short or long-term future performance. However, much like predicting the weather, sales forecasting is not an exact science. Sometimes it rains unexpectedly and sometimes the sun is shining though you’ve packed your umbrella. In the same way, sales could […]


December 3, 2014

Improving response time

One of the ways businesses that operate fleets can increase their revenue is by completing more jobs in a day. Speedy responses to service requests are critical to a fleet’s success. The faster responses lead to more satisfied customers (especially those calling for emergency assistance) and provide the opportunity to accept and complete more jobs […]

November 20, 2014

OnTrack Vol 50

Convincing clients to adopt new technologies Many of the clients you approach have probably been doing business the same way for years, and their businesses have probably chugged along growing steadily—albeit modestly. Convincing successful businesses to invest in new technologies can be challenging, especially if their owners and managers have a negative attitude towards new […]

Wearable GPS

November 19, 2014

Wearable GPS

As wearable technology becomes more mainstream, there will emerge new and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch businesses in the GPS tracking services space. Besides the new crop of smart watches, like the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and other wearable computing devices that are coming on the market, there are a number of […]

November 14, 2014

Position Logic Release Notes – Release Date: November 2014

Enhancement: New Filter to the Reports Date Benefit to Users: This New Filter, available on All Reports, provides the User with the ability to base the Date Range of a Report on the ‘Last 24 Hours.’ This Feature will be available for All Current Reports and all New Reports going forward. Prior to this Release, […]

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