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Enterprise GPS Tracking Solution

A complete GPS tracking platform, installed and
running on your servers.

Need complete control? You'll be up and running in no time. Maybe you want to scale up your servers to meet the demands of a very large fleet. Maybe you need to maintain your own database for enhanced security and auditing. Whatever the reason, we can customize our platform to exactly meet your needs -- and install it for you, too.

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GPS Tracking for the Enterprise

If you are a large enterprise or government entity, chances are you will need or want to run our GPS tracking platform on your own servers. With our Enterprise GPS tracking solution, you can do just that — and whether you’re scaling up, scaling down, load balancing, or implementing an audit trail, our software will just work.

  • Software that runs on your servers, under your control
  • Host your own in-house GPS tracking solution
  • Track thousands of devices with a fully customizable and scalable platform

Sound good so far? It gets even better — because along with the stability and flexibility of our software comes a whole range of GPS tracking features that will contribute directly to your enterprise’s bottom line.

Three Things You Won’t Want to Leave Home Without

Automated Alerting System

Even when you can’t be watching everything, the GPS tracking system is — and will email you alerts for any parameters you choose. Whether it’s low fuel, excessive speed, or anything else you want to track and monitor, running Position Logic’s platform on your servers keeps you in the loop and in the know at all times.

Geofencing screenshot showing custom shape and colors

Industry-leading Geofencing

Features and landmarks in the real world seldom fall into perfect circles. We know that — and give you industry-leading geofencing capabilities, including the ability to draw the geofences in any shape desired — not just by picking a point and defining the radius of a circle. You’ll also be able to assign custom colors to multiple geofences, making visualization on the mapping and tracking interface that much easier.

Extensive Device Integration

Whether your organization needs to integrate rugged in-cab video or devices smaller than a business card, our platform can handle it all for you. With over 200 devices already in our library of integrated GPS hardware, chances are our GPS tracking software already works with your devices. And if you do happen to need a device not currently in our library, our team of skilled software and hardware engineers can easily and quickly integrate it into the platform for you — meaning your enterprise’s device options are virtually unlimited.

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Our Promise

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President, Location-Based Services
- Felix Lluberes

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