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Geofencing Webinars To Review Everything Geofence

What is the best way for you to learn everything there is to know about the geofence features on Position Logic’s GPS tracking platform?

By joining us for a webinar on Thursday, November 29th, 2012, of course!

Geofencing is an important part of a GPS tracking platform, and allows for users to more easily and efficiently manage a high volume of tracked assets. Are you maximizing your efficiency (and thus your bottom line!) by leveraging all of the powerful features built in to our geofencing capability? Are you sure? Attend our geofencing webinar and increase your efficiency after reviewing all things geofence, including:

  • Creating circle, polygon and route geofences
  • Assigning geofences to assets
  • Setting up alerts involving the geofences
  • Viewing reports

This webinar is part of our Did You Know Series, hosted by our Account Managers. It will be the most informative 30 minutes of geofence knowledge available — so don’t miss it!

In order to sign up, please contact your Account Manager prior to Thursday. The English webinar will be held at 11:30am EST and the Spanish webinar will be held at 3:00pm EST on Thursday, November 29th, 2012. Be ready to learn it all during this great geofencing webinar!

Note: Our Did You Know series of webinars is for current Position Logic clients and is just one more way we help them grow their own GPS tracking businesses. Not a current client but interested in starting your own GPS tracking business?

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