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Cellocator – Pointer Telocation Ltd.

Cellocator - Pointer Telocation Ltd
Cellocator is a product division of Pointer Telocation Ltd. Cellocator provides its customers with some of the industry’s most useful and diverse selection of devices. They provide a wide range of industry leading Automatic Vehicle Location systems for companies to employ for security and monitoring. Position Logic is happy to partner with Cellocator by integrating their entire selection of GPS tracking device on the Position Logic website. Request more info from Cellocator »

Partner Details

Manufacturer: Cellocator
Location: 14 Hamelacha Street, Rosh Ha’ayin, 48091 Israel
Phone: +972-3-5723111

Devices Made By Cellocator

GPS Device Application I/O Battery
Cellocator Cello-F GPS Tracking DeviceCellocator Cello-F
Cellocator’s Cello-F GPS tracking device is designed for fleet and asset tracking. Users have a variety of I/O options.
In-vehicle/Asset 6/5 Internal
Cellocator CelloTrack GPS Tracking DeviceCellocator CelloTrack
The Cellocator CelloTrack line of asset GPS tracking devices offers many different hardware configurations for a variety of solutions.
In-vehicle/Asset Various Internal
Cellocator Compact Fleet GPS Tracking DeviceCellocator Compact Fleet
Cellocator’s Compact Fleet GPS tracking device is made to meet the needs of vehicle and equipment managers in a variety of industries.
In-vehicle/Asset 6/5 Internal
Cellocator Compact CAN GPS Tracking DeviceCellocator Compact CAN
Cellocator’s Compact CAN GPS tracking device is a full functionality CAN interface device with powerful GPS monitoring features.
In-vehicle/Asset 4/5 Internal
Cellocator CR-200B GPS Tracking DeviceCellocator CR-200B
The Cellocator CR200B is a compact size entry level device for Stolen Vehicle Recovery applications.
In-vehicle/Asset 2/2 Internal

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