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NSEW Solutions
NSEW Solutions is a GPS hardware reseller with great understanding of the ins and outs of hardware configuration. NSEW Solution’s hardware is supported by a variety of GPS tracking platforms and each device that they sell is fully supported by the Position Logic platform. With hardware provided by NSEW, users get a higher level of support. They support many hardware models from some of the top companies in the business. Reporting scripts, internal geofence settings and custom I/O sensors are just a few of the things that NSEW Solutions offers to customers. Request more info from NSEW Solutions »

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Manufacturer: NSEW Solutions
Location: 4522 Executive Drive Suite 202 Naples, Florida 34119
Phone: (239)-205-2797

Devices Sold By NSEW Solutions

GPS Device Application I/O Battery
Cal-Amp LMU-700Cal-Amp LMU-700
The LMU-700 is an economical vehicle tracking product designed for easy and reliable installation in automobiles.
In-vehicle 3/3 None
Cal-Amp LMU-800Cal-Amp LMU-800
Cal-Amp’s LMU-800 offers an inexpensive GPS solution for simple deployment in vehicles that require the benefit of battery backup.
In-vehicle/Asset 3/3 Internal
Cal-Amp LMU-900Cal-Amp LMU-900
The Cal-Amp LMU-900 is a fantastic choice for GPS vehicle tracking. Four customizable input & output ports, a 700 mAh backup battery and a 3-way accelerometer are just a few of its extremely useful features.
In-vehicle/Asset 3/3 Internal
Cal-Amp LMU-1100Cal-Amp LMU-1100
Cal-Amp’s LMU-1100 GPS tracker is an economical solution for water and outdoor recreation vehicles such as boats, jet-skis, motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles.
In-vehicle/Asset 1/1 Internal
Cal-Amp LMU-1200Cal-Amp LMU-1200
Cal-Amp’s LMU-1200 is a fantastic choice for automobile GPS tracking. The 700-mAh battery allows it to report even when the vehicle is off and the choice of using an internal or external antenna gives users flexible options.
In-vehicle/Asset 4/4 Internal
LMU-2600Cal-Amp LMU-2600
Cal-Amp’s LMU-2600 GPS tracker is a great choice for fleet vehicle tracking. The 3D accelerometer is great for highlighting bad driver habits when combined with the detailed reports of the Position Logic platform.
In-vehicle 4/4 Internal
Cal-Amp LMU-4200
Cal-Amp’s LMU-4200 GPS fleet tracker is a highly customizable device to meet the needs of enterprise & small business fleets that need expansion and customization options.
Personal/In-vehicle 8/8 Internal
Cal-Amp TTU-700 GPS Tracking DeviceCal-Amp TTU-700
Users who are looking for a robust GPS device for long-term deployment on assets without a dedicated power supply need the TTU-700 by Cal-Amp.
Asset/In-vehicle 0/0 Internal
Cal-Amp TTU-1200
Small businesses that need a renewable trailer GPS tracking solution will find the Cal-Amp TTU-1200 to be a useful device for their needs.
In-vehicle 3/3 Internal
DCT Antares SB
The Antares SB is a GPS device that gives managers a very useful tracking device solution at a beneficial cost.
Asset/In-vehicle 4/4 Internal/ External
DCT SyrusDCT Syrus
DCT’s Syrus GPS device has a compact form factor that is combined with user customizable inputs & an internal battery.
In-Vehicle/Asset 6/2 Internal/ External
Enfora Mini-MtEnfora Mini-MT
The Mini-MT GPS tracker from Enfora is robust personal tracker device with a wide range of functionality and field deployment.
Personal/Asset 0/0 Internal
Enfora MT-GI GPS Tracking DeviceEnfora Spider MT-GI
Enfora’s Spider MT-GI offers a great return on investment for users of the Position Logic GPS tracking platform.
In-vehicle/Personal 2/2 Internal
Enfora MT-GL GPS Tracking DeviceEnfora Spider MT-GL
Enfora’s MT-GL GPS tracker is a compact vehicle tracker with a dedicated external antenna for accurate GPS tracking.
In-vehicle/Personal 2/1 Internal
Enfora Spider MT-GU
Enfora’s MT-Gu is a simple, cost-effective vehicle GPS tracking device for simple tracking tasks.
In-vehicle/Personal 2/4 Internal
Enfora SpiderEnfora Spider SA
Enfora’s Spider SA is a dedicated asset tracking device with a variety of options available for users of the Position Logic GPS tracking software platform.
In-vehicle/Asset 2/1 None
Queclink GV-100 GPS Tracking DeviceQueclink GV-100
The GV-100 vehicle GPS tracking device has been specially designed for the tracking of fleet vehicles.
In-vehicle 7/3 Internal
Queclink GV-200 GPS Tracking DeviceQueclink GV-200
Queclink’s GV-200 GPS tracking device has a built in 3D accelerometer, several customizable input and output ports for interface with a variety of sensors.
In-vehicle 7/3 Internal
Queclink GL-100 GPS Tracking DeviceQueclink GL-100
Queclink’s GL-100 GPS asset tracker is a small device that is specifically designed for the tracking of assets.
In-vehicle 7/3 Internal
Queclink GL-200 GPS Tracking DeviceQueclink GL-200
The GL-200 from Queclink is small GPS tracking device that has been designed for use with assets.
In-vehicle 7/3 Internal
Sendum PT-200 GPS Tracking DeviceSendum PT-200
Sendum has produced a unique GPS device with a specific purpose. Users of the Position Logic GPS software platform can use the PT-200 tracking device to constantly monitor the location of a package.
In-vehicle 7/3 Internal
Sanav CT-24Sanav CT-24
The Sanav CT-24 is a compact, battery efficient, easy to use personal GPS Tracker with motion tracking & SOS alerts.
Personal/Asset/In-vehicle 2/2 Internal
Sanav CT-58Sanav CT-58
Sanav’s CT-58 GPS tracking device is a mid size device for a wide range of GPS tracking needs.
Asset 0/0 Internal /External
Sanav GC-101Sanav GC-101
The GC-101 Personal GPS tracking device from Sanav is a small form personal GPS device with a variety of applications.
Personal/Asset/In-vehicle 0/0 Internal
Sanav GX-101Sanav GX-101
Sanav’s GX-101 vehicle GPS tracking device can meet many of the desired vehicle tracking solutions.
Personal 6/2 None
Sanav MT-101Sanav MT-101
Sanav’s MT-101 is a compact personal GPS tracking device that can be easily attached to a bracelet for pet, individual and even asset tracking.
Personal/Asset 0/0 Internal
Sanav MU-201 GPS Tracking DeviceSanav MU-201
The Sanav MU-201 personal GPS tracking device is one of the smallest GPS devices on the market.
Personal/Asset 0/0 Internal
SkyWave DMR-200D GPS Tracking DeviceSkyWave DMR-800D
The SkyWave DMR-800D GPS device is a small satellite tracking device that enables users to track assets anywhere in the world thanks to Inmarsat satellite data technology.
In-vehicle 7/3 Internal
SkyWave DMR-200L GPS Tracking DeviceSkyWave DMR-800L
SkyWave’s DMR-800L is a GPS tracking device with Inmarsat satellite technology which allows live tracking data to be sent to the Position Logic platform even when a ship is in the middle of the ocean.
In-vehicle 7/3 Interna
SkyWave SureLinx GPS Tracking DeviceSkyWave Surelix
The SkyWave SureLinx GPS device is a dual-mode tracking device for use on both Inmarsat satellites & cellular networks both domestically & internationally.
In-vehicle 7/3 Internal

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