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Latest GPS Tracking Devices Integrated into GPS Tracking Platform Software

Naples, FL—November 28, 2012—Position Logic makes their industry-best GPS tracking platform for entrepreneurs even better with increased GPS tracking device integration.

When GPS tracking software is compared by industry experts, one platform consistently stands head and shoulders above the rest: Position Logic. And while it’s true that features like their unlimited geofencing and complete Garmin FMI implementation put them far ahead of potential competitors, one of the big bragging rights that they can claim in their industry is the absolutely huge number of GPS tracking devices that they have integrated into their GPS tracking platform.

The steady stream of device integrations into the Position Logic GPS tracking platform shows no signs of slowing, with the company now announcing five more new devices added: The Bofan PT-600, the GenX Mobile GNX-5P, the GV300 from Queclink, and the S911 Bracelet and S911 LOLA from Laipac Tech.

Together the devices run the gamut from dedicated hardware useful for fleet management and other vehicle applications to wearable devices like the S911 items that are useful for tracking and protecting the elderly, lone workers, and VIPs, to name just a few.

To Felix Lluberes, President and CEO of Position Logic, the new and ongoing device integrations is an important part of the way that his company does business. “Of course it’s important to me that this company keeps growing, and integrating new devices every month helps us do that,” said Lluberes. “But just as importantly, constantly integrating more GPS tracking devices onto our platform lets us accomplish our primary mission: Helping everyone from entrepreneurs to the Enterprise grow their own GPS tracking businesses.”

It’s accomplishing that primary mission that keeps Lluberes happily going even as his GPS tracking platform approaches the 300-device-integration mark. “Whether someone already has devices and they need a platform that integrates them, or they are starting a GPS tracking business and want to know that they’ll be able to provide their client with exactly the hardware they need, I want people to know that the Position Logic platform will work for them just like our team of GPS tracking experts will work with them.”


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