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IoT: Driving the Fleet of the Future, Part II

IoT: Driving the Fleet of the Future, Part I

The ELD Mandate and How it Affects Fleet Management Operations

How are iPad-based IoT Solutions for Businesses Changing the Future?

Workflow: A Dispatch and Planning Solution For Optimizing Field Operations

Reliable GPS tracking solutions with Position Logic and Micron devices

How can Location-Based Security Services help my business?

Automating, Optimizing, Planning and Managing Field Operations

How Can You Expand Fleet Management ROI?

Improving Fleet Management with Location-Based Services | Position Logic

Safeguard Your Information

Understanding the Importance of APIs with Advanced Applications

Ensuring Child Security with GPS Tracking Solutions

KORE Launches Position Logic Services in Asia at CommunicAsia Conference

Ensuring Cargo and Vehicle Security with GPS Tracking Solutions

Why You Should Start a GPS Tracking Business | Position Logic

Steps to Post Deployment Success

Using vehicle diagnostics

Closing strategies for GPS entrepreneurs

Mobile tracking - keeping an eye on things while out of the office

Sales forecasting for your GPS business

Improving response time

OnTrack Vol 50

Wearable GPS

Position Logic Release Notes - Release Date: November 2014

KORE Wireless Group to Acquire RacoWireless

The value of improving driver safety

Selling to a client who has had a bad history with GPS tracking

How to help clients set goals for their fleet management solution

Position Logic Release Notes -- Release Date: October 2014

Convincing clients to adopt new technologies

Position Logic Release Notes -- Release Date: September 2014

Renewals: the key to getting more of your clients' business

RacoWireless Enables Rapid IoT Deployments with Launch of IoT App Store

GPS tracking fits fleets of all sizes

Position Logic makes DCT’s Pegasus Gateway compatible with LBS

Release Notes August 2014

Selling against competitors

Mastering margins

OnTrack Vol 48

What legal structure should you choose for your GPS tracking business?

Steps to successfully implementing GPS tracking

OnTrack Vol 47

Minimizing BYOD Legal Liability

Getting Client Employees on Board with GPS Tracking

Demonstrating How GPS Tracking Reduces Labor Costs

Release Notes July 2014

How to set up a Google Places listing for your business

Custom reporting to meet all your client's needs

GPS equipment: lease or sell?

OnTrack Vol 46

RacoWireless Wins 2014 Product of the Year Award with LBS Platform

Reducing Technological Overhead

Succession Planning for Your GPS Business

Release Notes June 2014

Novatel Wireless and RacoWireless Provide Aftermarket Telematics Solution Targeting LATAM Markets

RacoWireless Executive Named Distinguished Entrepreneur of 2014

OnTrack Vol 45

Release Notes May 2014

Adding GPS Tracking Services to an Existing Business

Maximize GPS Return on Investment

OnTrack Vol 44

How to Solve the Five Biggest Scheduling Problems Using GPS

Overcoming Privacy Objections When Selling GPS Tracking

Release Notes April 2014

Webinar: Questions & Answers: Connectivity & Location Based Services

Suntech Announces Hardware Integration with Position Logic Platform

OnTrack Vol 43: Resolve Billing Disputes with GPS

Interpreting GPS Analytics

Release Notes March 2014

Resolve Billing Disputes with GPS

RacoWireless Integrates SkyWave M2M Satellite & Satellite-Cellular Devices into Position Logic’s Location-Based Services Platform

Protect Businesses and Drivers Against False Claims

Avoid Wasting Time

Developing a business plan for your GPS tracking business

Release Notes February 2014

OnTrack Vol 42: When to Hire Your First Employee, GPS as a Crime Fighting Gadget

Destined to Achieve with Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida

Release Notes January 2014

GPS: A Crime Fighting Gadget

Webinar: Hardware Knowledge: Guardtrax Devices

When to Hire Your First Employee

OnTrack Vol 41: Savings You Can Sell, Plus How to End Gas Theft

Ending Gas Theft

Savings You Can Sell

Release Notes December 2013

Optimizing Schedules with GPS Tracking Software

OnTrack Vol 40: Improve Client Efficiency, Plus Why You Need an Elevator Pitch

Grow Your GPS Tracking Business by Improving Your Clients’ Efficiency

Position Logic Incorporates Latest Speed Monitoring Innovation from SpeedGauge Into GPS and Telematics Platform

Why Your GPS Business Needs an Elevator Pitch

Fuel management with GPS tracking software

Release Notes November 2013

Testing Your GPS Tracking Business Idea with Adwords

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 39: GPS for Agribusiness plus Improving Driver Behavior with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Applications of Indoor GPS

Webinar: Did You Know - TCP vs UDP

Position Logic and Zorah’s POMCell Enhance Elderly Care and Tracking

Release Notes: October 2013

Improving Driver Behavior with GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking for Agribusiness

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 38

Insurance discounts for using GPS tracking

GPS Tracking Platform Grows with Integration of Maxtrack Hardware

Repeat History: Replaying the Past With Historic Playback

Release Notes: September 2013

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 37

Webinar: Your RACO Wireless Questions Answered

Position Logic Lands on Inc. 500 | 5000 List for Second Straight Year

Release Notes August 2013

GPS Efficiency: Tracking Employee Time Sheets

The People of Position Logic

Position Logic Powers NSEW’s New Garmin Solution

ALAS Management Summit - Cumbre Gerencial ALAS

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 36

Nine Surprising Ways to Use Geofencing

Webinar: Your Questions, Our Answers

Joining the RACO Wireless Family

Release Notes July 2013

RACO Wireless Announces Acquisition of Position Logic

Painting a New Picture

Webinar: Managing Clients, Users and Permissions

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 35

Route Optimization for Increased Fleet Efficiency

Considerations for Selecting GPS Tracking Hardware

Release Notes June 2013

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 34

What kind of GPS tracking business can you start?

What Happens in Vegas is Tracked in Vegas: Position Logic Attends CTIA

Starting Your Own GPS Tracking Business -- How to Begin

GPS Platform Provider and GPS Device Maker Both Bring New Advances to Brazil

Release Notes May 2013

Two GPS Powerhouses Team Up at Brazil’s Exposec XVI International Security Fair

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 33

CHBP Mother's Day Fashion Show

Meet Up with Position Logic at Expo Seguridad 2013

Why We're Not Compromising on Quality Just for iOS

Webinar: Understanding GPS Device Messages

GPS Fleet Tracking Market Still Untapped

Release Notes 4/6/13

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to the GPS Party

Release Notes 3-15-2013

Our GPS Webinar Series Grows with Your Business

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 32

Webinar: Graphical Reporting Framework on the GPS Tracking Platform

Graphical Reports Increase Power of GPS Tracking Platform

Google Analytics: Tracking Your Site Visits (no GPS required)

Release Notes 2/14/13

Notas de Desarrollo 2/14/13

Facturación para Principiantes - Seminario Web Entendiendo sus Facturas

Billing 101 - Understanding Your Invoices Webinar

Utilizando la Coherencia de Marca para Ayudar Crecer su Negocio de Rastreo GPS

Using Brand Consistency to Help Grow Your GPS Tracking Business

Los Agentes de la Ley se Adhieren al Rastreo por GPS

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 31

Personal GPS Tracking Devices

Conocimiento del Hardware GPS - Seminario Web Rastreador Personal

GPS Hardware Knowledge – Personal Trackers Webinar

Seminario Web: Cliente Administración de Hardware

Law Enforcement Locks On to GPS Tracking

Managing Client Hardware Webinar

Notas de Desarrollo 1/11/13

Release Notes 1/11/13

SCORE Naples Announces 2012 Client of the Year Award Winner

Canned Food Drive Update

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 30

Food for Those in Need, Food for Thought

The Basics of Being a GPS Tracking Service Provider Webinar

4 Dispatcher Tools Every Fleet Management Platform Should Have

Release Notes 12/4/12

GPS Tracking Truant Students

Latest GPS Tracking Devices Integrated into GPS Tracking Platform Software

Geofencing Webinars To Review Everything Geofence

A Short Note on Client Appreciation

Guess Who Won the Dell Business Power Pitch Video Contest

Naples Equestrian Challenge Bootstrap Boogie 2012

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 29

OnTrack Vol 29: Technology and Time

OnTrack Vol 29: Five Key Concepts of Content Marketing for GPS Tracking Businesses

Release Notes 11/9/12

9 Things Modern GPS Devices Can Track

Position Logic Inc. 500|5000 Coverage on Fox4 News

Helping Clients Use GPS to Track Everything from Trucks to Teenagers

Position Logic Inc. 500|5000 Coverage on Fox4 News

Position Logic Inc. 500|5000 Coverage on Fox4 News

Release notes 10/19/12

Release Notes 10/9/12

OnTrack Vol 28: Powering Your Platform

OnTrack Vol 28: Landing on the Front Page

Release Notes: 9/11/12

OnTrack Vol 27: Linking Up for Business

OnTrack Vol 27: Think inc.

Release Notes 8/20/12

GPS Tracking Platform Provider Found on Inc. 500

OnTrack Vol 26: New Monitoring Center Features

OnTrack Vol 26: Social for Business

Platform Release Notes 7/30/12

Release Notes, 7/9/2012

Dramatic Enhancements Arrive for GPS Tracking Platform

OnTrack Vol 25: Using Twitter to Grow Your GPS Tracking Business

OnTrack Vol:25 - Customized GPS Tracking Platform with the Client Tools Feature

Position Logic Breaks Two-Hundred-Device Integration Mark

Release Notes, 6/22/2012

Position Logic Grows Leadership in IT

Release Notes, 5/31/2012

OnTrack Vol:24 - Garmin Partnership Announced and Mobile Tracking Apps Launched

Android and Blackberry Mobile Apps Enable Workforce in Motion

Position Logic Goes Mobile with New Apps

OnTrack Newsletter Vol:23 – Business Corner: A Growth Opportunity – Getting Personal

OnTrack Newsletter Vol:23: Tech Knowledge – Grouping Tool Keeps It Together

Position Logic and Garmin Team Up to Plot a Better Course

Position Logic’s New Website Shows the Way

OnTrack Newsletter Vol:22: Tech Knowledge - Drawing Fences, Drawing Conclusions

OnTrack Newsletter Vol:22 – Business Corner: A Growth Opportunity - Container Tracking

Position Logic Release Notes for March 1, 2012

Position Logic Just Keeps on Growing

Position Logic Adds Pursuit Mode, Device History Handling

Position Logic Release Notes

OnTrack Newsletter Vol:21 – Business Corner: Intro to Landing Pages

OnTrack Newsletter Vol:21 – Tech Knowledge: Tracking, Filtering and Geofencing

Platform Enhancements 1/19/2012 Release Notes

Position Logic Enhances Geofencing and Filtering Capabilities

Platform Enhancements 12/29/2011 Release Notes

Position Logic Integrates Xact Technology’s OpenM2M Platform

OnTrack Newsletter Vol:20 - Marketing with Google, Part Two

OnTrack Newsletter Vol:20 – Tech Knowledge: A Look at the Tracking Page

Platform Enhancements 12/8/2011 Release Notes

Sanav MU-201 Integrated into Position Logic Devices

Position Logic CEO Honored in Southwest Florida

Position Logic Finds Its Own Location

OnTrack Newsletter Vol:19 - Determining Device Integration and a Google Marketing Primer

11/17/2011 Release Notes

Position Logic Announces Enhancements to Proximity and Routing Functionality

On Track Newsletter Vol:18

07/21/2011 Release Notes

Position Logic Introduces Customized Mapping

Position Logic Announces YouTube Channel

On Track Newsletter Vol:17

05/12/2011 Release Notes

04/07/2011 Release Notes

Position Logic Partners with Cellocator

Position Logic Announces Live Share

03/10/2011 Release Notes

Position Logic Introduces Live Tracker

On Track Newsletter Vol:15

02/24/2011 Release Notes

Position Logic Announces Release of New Client Notification System

Position Logic Announces New Tracking Page Enhancements

On Track Newsletter Vol:14

01/19/2011 Release Notes

On Track Newsletter Vol:13

10/26/10 Release Notes

Hosted Solution for Security Companies

Position Logic announces the integration of NovaTracker MAYA

Position Logic Announces Release of New Dispatch Feature

Position Logic Announces Sponsorship of Local Charity Event for Children

Position Logic Releases New Tracking Page

Position Logic Introduces New Site Admin Reports

On Track Newsletter Vol:11

On Track Newsletter Vol:10

On Track Newsletter Vol: 9

On Track Newsletter Vol: 8

On Track Newsletter Vol: 7

Position Logic Now Supports Cellocator AVL Tracking Devices

On Track Newsletter Vol: 6

Position Logic Now Supports CalAmp's LMU Line of Vehicle Tracking Units

Position Logic Now Supports CalAmp's LMU Line of Vehicle Tracking Units

On Track Newsletter Vol: 5

On Track Newsletter Vol: 4

On Track Newsletter Vol: 3

Position Logic Now Supports Cello Track and Cellocator Devices

Position Logic Announces Integration of Skypatrol Devices

Position Logic Announces Integration of Teltonika Devices

On Track Newsletter Vol: 2

Position Logic Scores High with Customer Service

Hosted Solution / Service Provider

On Track Newsletter Vol:1

Proud Sponsors for LBS LATAM!

Proud Sponsors for LBS LATAM!