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January 10, 2010

Position Logic Announces Integration of Teltonika Devices

Naples, FL—January 28, 2010—Postion Logic, LLC is excited to announce the integration of the Teltonika FM 4100 tracking device into their GPS tracking platform. The Teltonika FM 4100 device can be used for tracking a wide range of remote objects, such as trucks, cars, and ships. When asked about the integration of Teltonika devices, Felix Lluberes, CEO of Position Logic, stated:

“As our list of supported devices at Position Logic grows, one of the newest editions you will find is the Teltonika FM 4100 device. This model specifically brings the following features and benefits to our clients: rechargeable battery, power management control, external backup battery option to extend operating time, temperature level detection, acceleration detection, ignition on/off detection, and door open/closed detection. This device can also perform remote tasks, such as monitoring engine status and fuel consumption and controlling vehicle doors.”

“Perhaps one of the best features of the FM 4100 is its ability to store up to 8000 records in the event that connectivity is lost. Once a connection is reestablished, all stored data will be sent via GPRS. With this beneficial feature, you can rest easy knowing you'll almost never lose data.” Felix also emphasized that “with a strong aluminum case, the Teltonika FM 4100 is well suited for harsh environments.”

About Position Logic

Position Logic, LLC is a leading business-to-business, location-based services provider committed to supporting businesses worldwide with integrated and applied business intelligence, precision technology, and customized services and solutions.

For more information about Position Logic, including their Location-Based Services Platform, please contact Herman Rivas, Director of Sales at 239.963.1036 (direct), 407.374.3850 (cell), 801.665.0587 (fax) or email him at sales@positionlogic.com. You can also visit the Position Logic website at www.positionlogic.com.