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April 11, 2014

Suntech Announces Hardware Integration with Position Logic Platform

Suntech International Ltd. (Suntech), a leader in wireless data transmission terminal hardware in the field of GSM/GPRS and GPS applications, recently announced the completion of a total integration of its hardware systems with RacoWireless’ Position Logic platform.

Suntech formed a partnership with RacoWireless late last year to undertake a 100% integration of the Position Logic platform into their entire line of hardware devices. In the past, some of their customers were using the platform on Suntech’s devices, but it was not an exclusive relationship. The company saw the possibility to form a partnership after an encounter with Position Logic founder Felix Lluberes, and worked with RacoWireless to completely integrate the devices with the Position Logic platform.

By integrating their hardware completely with Position Logic’s platform, Suntech will now be able to provide added value to its customers by providing direct support through the RacoWireless team. The companies will work together to solve client issues, develop customized solutions, and customers will be able to contact the support team directly to troubleshoot.

Suntech, which is located in Mexico, has a global presence, with customers in India, South Africa, Asia, Brazil and Central America, and is actively expanding into other countries. They have developed a product family that includes GSM/GPRS data modems with applications in meter reading and surveillance, as well as vehicle tracking devices for geofencing, speed and fuel monitoring, and GPS chipsets for location based services. Their technology, which is designed in Korea, features state of the art hardware that is highlighted by stable connections with low disconnection rates.

The deal with RacoWireless will serve to strengthen the company’s offering and allow them to expand their global presence. The company sold 250,000 units in its largest markets, Mexico and Brazil, over the past year, shipping about 4,000 new devices per month in Mexico alone. However, with the partnership, they are anticipating to grow that market to 5,000 new devices per month. Suntech’s goal for 2014 is to become the number one GSM/GPRS and GPS hardware provider in Mexico.

Because of the benefits afforded Suntech through the partnership with RacoWireless, Suntech will be providing a benefit to their customers by offering a 5% discount on their hardware solutions to users of the Position Logic platform. In addition, Suntech has been impressed enough with RacoWireless and the Position Logic platform that it will be recommending the platform to its existing customers.