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August 28, 2014

Position Logic makes DCT’s Pegasus Gateway compatible with LBS

Position Logic is now able to receive Pegasus Gateway’s data through JSON-RPCS/Web Service methods and expand the potential of Syrus integrations.

Syrus professional integrators can now easily escalate to Position Logic’s most advanced features and specialized reports (including ECU CAN / OBDII monitoring).

Pegasus Gateway simplifies Syrus interaction with multiple accessories and smart connected solutions. It provides enhanced management for Syrus embedded functionalities to monitor and control the use of mobile assets. This is part of DCT's manufacturing and development concept which is based on "Syrus: One single tracking device for multiple applications."

Its interacting concept is reflected in the flexibility, expandability and telematic extensions of Syrus devices with multiple sensors and accessories that can be attached simultaneously to a single device.

Sam Vasquez - Business Development Director at DCT said: " Position Logic’s full compatibility with Pegasus Gateway is a major step in leading the way for real M2M solutions deployment. We have always worked closely with Position Logic and have been used to see, great business cases with their outstanding platform and professional B2B business model. We (Position Logic & DCT) both have a passion to make things easy. Syrus / Pegasus Gateway integration helps tracking service providers (TSPs) to deploy the most advanced solutions without the pain of matching the right hardware pieces together. Position Logic / Pegasus Gateway interaction removes the hassle to search for the right management tools to deploy the most flexible solution and handle any GPS tracking business case."

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