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October 21, 2013

Position Logic and Zorah’s POMCell Enhance Elderly Care and Tracking

Hardware integration helps family and care staff ensure elderly safety

Naples, FL—October 16, 2013— Position Logic has given elder care workers and family members a powerful caregiving aid through its integration of Zorah’s POMCell device with their GPS tracking platform. The combination of technologies enables real-time location tracking, alert notifications, panic button functionality, and a host of other features, bringing vital location-based features to the growing elder care industry.

pomcellThe POMCell device, which is also a cell phone capable of receiving calls, is small enough to be carried in a pocket or even worn as a pendant. Those monitoring the movements of the elderly for safety reasons can use the Position Logic platform to create designated safe areas surrounded by “geo-fences”; when a POMCell crosses a geo-fence, automated alerts pre-configured by the user are raised on the platform and also sent as text messages or email. The Position Logic platform can also be configured to raise alerts for many other events. For example, if the elderly bearer of the POMCell should not be driving, alerts can be automatically sent when the device reaches a certain speed – indicating the individual is no longer on foot.

President of Location-Based Services and Position Logic co-founder Felix Lluberes is pleased with the integration. “With extended lifespans and a rapidly-aging population, more and more family members and long-term care facilities need solutions that can provide both safety and peace of mind,” said Lluberes. “We’re pleased that by integrating the POMCell onto our platform, Position Logic can help keep those who need it safe - while making life a little less stressful for family members and the staff of residential facilities.”

John Horn, President of Position Logic’s parent company RACO Wireless, sees the integration as a real-world example of how the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology can make a tangible difference in people’s lives. “The Position Logic POMCell integration enables powerful M2M solutions that can actually save lives,” said Horn. “It’s a poignant reminder that the Internet of Things is about so much more than, say, using your laptop to turn on your porch light; it puts you in complete control.”

Anyone interested in learning more can visit the Position Logic website at www.positionlogic.com and the Zorah website at www.zorahllc.com.

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About Position Logic
Position Logic, a RACO Wireless company and two-time Inc. 500 | 5000 awardee, is a leading B2B location-based services provider with offices in the United States and the Dominican Republic and clients in over 50 countries across the continents of North America, South America, Europe, Africa and in the Middle East. For more information about Position Logic, please contact the Sales Team by phone at 866-676-2372 (Toll-Free) or 239-465-0587 (US/International), or email at sales@positionlogic.com. You can also visit the Position Logic website at www.positionlogic.com

About Zorah
Zorah provides technology solutions for enhancing the personal safety of the elderly and people with special needs, allowing them to live safely at home or in care facilities. Zorah devices provide independence, freedom, and safety to those who use them, and peace of mind to staff caring for -- and family members of – special needs individuals. For more information about Zorah, please email zorah@zorahllc.com or call 678-327-3296 (US/International). For sales and pricing please contact diego@pomcell.com.