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August 09, 2013

Position Logic Powers NSEW’s New Garmin Solution

We're always striving to provide even more solutions to power our clients’ businesses – and our powerful Hours of Service functionality and Garmin Dezl integration do just that.

Garmin Dezl from NSEW and Position Logic

You already know that Position Logic integrates hundreds of GPS devices, like the powerful CalAmp LMU-2620. You probably also know that we are certified Garmin partners, and that our GPS tracking platform offers a complete implementation of the Garmin FMI (Fleet Management Interface) that works with the Garmin Dezl and other Garmin units. But one thing you might not know is that we offer a detailed Hours of Service report – and you might not have stopped to think about the powerful ways in which the LMU-2620, the Dezl, and our Hours of Service functionality can all be put together to provide you with a powerful solution you can offer to your customers.

NSEW, with their latest product offering, provides an example of just such a package. How is it all done? The LMU-2620 provides all of the great vehicle data you're used to -- so fleet managers on the platform will always be able to see a vehicle's position, as well as other relevant data like fuel, speed, and temperature. Mixing it with the Dezl lets the end client have a four-line display showing sleeping, off-duty, driving, and on-duty statuses, as well as providing immediate proof of accordance with over-the-road (OTR) regulations should the vehicle be pulled over or have to stop at a checkpoint. Put all of that together with our GPS platform software's capabilities like custom Hours of Service reporting, 90 days of historical data storage, dispatching and routing, and fast alerting and reporting functionality, and you have a package that just about everyone is going to love.

As you grow your own GPS service provider business built on the Position Logic platform, always keep in mind that – as this example shows -- if you can imagine a package that will fill some need in your market, or let you provide a new service to existing clients, there's probably a way to get it done -- and we'll be here to help you put all the details together and take your business to the next level.

Want to talk to NSEW about this package? You can always email sales@nsewsolutions.com or sales@positionlogic.com for more information. Not a current client but feel inspired to see how you might be able to build your own GPS tracking business? Take that first little step and request a live demo of our GPS tracking platform today. You'll be glad you did.