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January 11, 2016

How can Location-Based Security Services help my business?

Positon Logic offers robust Location-Based Security Services to help your business.

Security continues to play an increasing role in every industry. The necessity and volatility of the global supply chain requires visibility into vehicle and cargo locations, and GPS tracking solutions enable businesses to locate virtually anything or anyone in real-time. Organizations must often know not only the exact location and current status of cargo, but also ensure the shipment has not been tampered with and that environmental controls remain intact.

Position Logic is a leading provider of precision location-based services (LBS) for business-to-business applications, helps ensure secure operations for businesses. The company's precision LBS solution meets regulatory requirements and provides critical security for mobile assets. Position Logic provides a cost-effective single platform for billing, support, logistics and relationship management. This is the only way to ensure cargo and vehicle security with predictable costs, regardless of the country where data is consumed.

Position Logic GPS tracking solutions provide security through:

  • Real Time and Historical Tracking: Follow cargo on-the-move and also view a complete history of all tracking sessions recorded over time.
  • Alerts and Notification Delivery: On-vehicle panic buttons, instant alerts on the trucking fleet management software platform help drivers inform officials in the event of an emergency.
  • Geofencing: Spatial fences allow businesses to confine objects to a prescribed geographic region. Alerts can be sent upon entering and/or leaving the fenced zone as well as in the event of delayed vehicle or asset.

“As a leading provider of location-based services, Position Logic offers comprehensive solutions for business sectors ranging from the transportation industry to worldwide delivery companies and utilities. Utilizing integrated applied business intelligence, precision technology and customized services and solutions, Position Logic helps secure a wide range of assets, worldwide,” said Advanced Applications Product Manager, Gregory Roth.

Our GPS tracking experts can help reduce liability and risk, and protect vehicles and valuable cargo. For more information on how Position Logic services and solutions can help secure equipment, packages and personnel, call +1.866.676.2372 or email sales@positionlogic.com.