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December 09, 2015

Improving Fleet Management with Location-Based Services | Position Logic

The Positon Logic platform increases fleet safety and fuel economy through Location-Based Services.

Fleet management covers so many facets of a fleet’s operation, so it’s important to make sure fleet managers can keep track of it all effectively. Managers must set policies and rules for fleet safety, determine methods for maximizing fuel economy, and plan vehicle movements to optimize time-to-destination. There are a lot of factors that can increase risk and decrease efficiency, and fleet managers and operators need to be able to find, identify, and remedy those factors. So how can location-based services help fleet managers achieve just that?

Heightened Fleet Safety

Fleet safety is the utmost priority for fleet managers and operators, and a common concern regarding safety is speed. To help combat speed-based issues across over-the-road fleets, the right tools and resources are needed to effectively mitigate these issues. Location-based services offer such tools. LBS don’t just report location, but – with the proper equipment and platform to receive the data – they also can provide information on braking patterns and speed. With this information, fleet managers can implement new policies or enforce existing ones more readily to improve the safety of their drivers and those who share the roads with them.

Improved Fuel Economy

Fuel is a significant cost for fleet management, and managers are always looking for ways to reduce these costs. With modern GPS tracking devices and robust LBS platforms, fleet managers can retrieve data on their trucks’ fuel economy, allowing them to track factors such as stopping patterns, acceleration, engine idling, temperature, use of unnecessary detours, and more. Thus, fleet managers and operators can determine where they and their drivers could conserve fuel and save money, boosting the company’s bottom line.

Position Logic: The LBS Solution for Fleet Management

The Position Logic advanced applications platform is constantly being enhanced through integrations in order to deliver the best solutions for fleet professionals to manage drivers, ensure safety, and reduce costs. With the integration of the SpeedGauge Safety Center, a driver coaching and performance management servicePosition Logic customers can closely monitor driver behavior with notable impact on safety, performance, and cost.

The SpeedGauge Safety Center provides speeding reports and analytics to Position Logic customers using constantly updated speed limit and road risk databases. The joint solution allows fleet managers to set custom speed limits and road condition parameters in specific zones prone to performance issues.

If you're considering options for services and solutions to help improve your fleet operations, call 1-866-676-2372 or email sales@positionlogic.com to speak with one of our GPS fleet tracking experts.