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July 23, 2013

Joining the RACO Wireless Family

Tower for wireless networking

M2M Just Got Easier for our Current and Future Customers

By now you've read the email, or received a client notification, or maybe even just seen the official press release: Position Logic is now a RACO Wireless company. A lot of you have called or emailed your account managers with congratulations and best wishes -- and we truly appreciate that. We're sure, though, that at least some of you still have some questions about what this all means to you and your GPS service provider business.

In a lot of ways, many things that are very important to us and to you won't change at all. You are still going to enjoy the same great customer service from your same great account management team. We are still going to be constantly improving the platform, and we are still going to be monitoring the system 24/7/365 to make sure that the service you provide to your own clients is rock-solid and absolutely reliable. And we are still going to continue to provide you the tools, the training, and the technology to make growing your business easy.

And that, really, is at the heart of all the benefits that us being a RACO Wireless company will bring to your company. No longer will you have to look elsewhere for the network layer of your business. Instead, we're pulling all of the pieces together -- the network, the connectivity, and the platform on top of that -- to further RACO's and Position Logic's joint goal of making RACO Wireless absolutely the easiest company to work with in the M2M industry.

So the next time you have a question about connectivity, or need help getting up and running with your own GPS service provider business, don't hesitate to call us. Because with this merger things not only got bigger and better -- they also just got easier.

Curious about starting your own GPS tracking business built on Position Logic's GPS tracking platform and RACO's world-class network? Request a demo of the platform and see for yourself how we've simplified the task of starting your own GPS tracking business.