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August 18, 2011

On Track Newsletter Vol:18

Position Logic Newsletter

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About the Author

Chad Hunter is a senior technical writing consultant with many years of experience in GPS Tracking, GPS Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, and the AVL, LBS and GIS fields. Chad is also interested in ASP.NET, Silverlight and other Microsoft web technologies and has a passion for learning and sharing information related to these topics.


Welcome to the latest issue of the Position Logic newsletter. As always, we're here to help you and your business succeed by providing practical information, advice, tips, and techniques so your business can grow and stay competitive. Keeping that in mind, sit back and enjoy this issue as we impart our many years of GPS, LBS, GIS, AVL, Fleet Management and ASP.NET experience and knowledge onto you!


In last month's newsletter, I presented a list of important industries you should consider targeting with your GPS service provider business. This month, we'll begin looking at the first industry on that list, the Taxi Service industry. As you'll soon learn, the Taxi Service industry provides an excellent opportunity for expanding your services and increasing revenue.

Taxi Service Industry

The taxi service industry provides a plethora of opportunities to the GPS service provider who understands the market and who is prepared. To enter this market, it is essential that you partner with the right GPS software vendor, one who can provide a GPS tracking platform with features suited for dispatching and tracking large fleets. For taxi cab companies, dispatching and tracking are two essential features that you'll need.


A dispatch feature is very important in scenarios that involve tracking taxis. In the Position Logic platform, dispatchers can tell which vehicles are available to be dispatched and map indicators show the status of the taxi, such as if it's busy, clear or off service. Dispatching also provides very accurate arrival estimates for customers and helps them organize the flow of activity.

With the Position Logic integrated dispatch functionality, users are able to create and define trips. In our system, a trip is a plan or a collection of stops that can be scheduled and assigned to a vehicle. A trip is defined as a single day or 24-hour period and a driver can have more than one trip assigned.

The PL dispatch feature gives users a very clear picture of a vehicle's routes. For example, you will have insight into what drivers are supposed to be doing versus what they are actually doing. This presents a significant opportunity to better manage or improve the level and quality of your customer service. For security purposes, specific routes can be also created and assigned to individual taxies.

Hardware Support

For hardware, your GPS tracking platform should be able to integrate a large variety of tracking devices, especially those with cameras that allow you to check the cab and see what is happening inside the vehicle. This can be useful for monitoring taxi drivers and for ensuring they start their meters on time. Cameras are also useful for safety purposes and can help deter theft and carjacking. This gives your clients the added benefit of safety and security. One of the goals of your service should be to provide safety to drivers. On the safety note, you should also consider using devices with panic buttons. When a driver hits a panic button, an alert is immediately sent to the dispatcher and appropriate action can be taken.

Technical Support

Installation and technical support is crucial in helping you target and win this segment of the GPS service provider market. Position Logic advises its customers on software installation, configuration, and hardware device selection and provides the critical support needed to help ensure a near zero downtime for clients.


Your tracking and dispatching service must save cab companies money. This is an important benefit of your service, one you should emphasize in your marketing. To accomplish this, your GPS software platform will need tools to monitor fuel consumption, optimize vehicle operation, increase vehicle life, and monitor when vehicles need servicing. This includes things such as monitoring oil level and tire pressure and determining when air filters need changed.

For example, you'll be able to set up maintenance and repair for each individual vehicle in a cab company's fleet. Vehicle maintenance can be scheduled based on the odometer reading, time (specific date), or hours of operation, which is ideal in scenarios where engine hours are a concern.

The Position Logic platform records when maintenance is complete, displays a list of completed actions and shows the total cost of maintenance or repair for each individual cab in the fleet. In addition, the PL platform also provides a record of each cab's past repairs and features "reminders" in the system for things such as scheduled vehicle maintenance, driver license renewal, vehicle insurance renewal, vehicle registration renewal, and tag and title renewal.

Reports are another essential feature and benefit you can provide to cab companies. Reports help to optimize a driver's performance by looking at the number of stops and sudden accelerations the driver made during a session (usually a 24 hour period). Mileage, speed, trip and alert reports are the ones you'll use most often.

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Now that we've gotten warmed up, next month we'll look at the next industry on our list, the Car Rental Business. Please be sure not to miss this issue as I'll present some new ideas for increasing your revenue streams. Remember to keep on tracking and keep your system secure!

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