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May 01, 2010

On Track Newsletter Vol: 6

The road to Fleet Management excellence and LBS evolution in just 5 minutes a month


Welcome to the latest issue of the Position Logic newsletter. As always, we're here to help you and your business succeed by providing practical information, advice, tips, and techniques so your business can grow and stay competitive. Keeping that in mind, sit back and enjoy this issue as we impart our many years of GPS, LBS, AVL and ASP.NET experience and knowledge onto you!


On the Business Front last month, we began a new 3-part series that explores the benefits your service provider business can provide to three key business targets in the LBS world. As you may recall from last month, these are security, logistics and fleet management companies. We’ll start off this month by looking at the second item on this list, logistics companies.

For the Technology Front, we’ll take a break from our tour of security features and discuss the key features and benefits you’ll need to offer in order to move beyond just vehicle tracking and tackle other sectors, such as vehicle recovery, asset monitoring and management, fleet management, and security tracking. Let’s get started!

Business Front

Targeting Logistics Companies

Welcome to part two of our series on key business targets for your LBS provider business. This month we’ll look at the second business target on our list, logistics companies. As you may know, logistics tracking involves coordinating the precise movement of goods and assets from point A—to point B—to point C in the most efficient way, while being aware of the location of the assets at all times. Let’s examine some of the benefits and features you should offer to logistics companies in order to successfully win this market.

In logistics tracking, it's critical that goods are delivered in a consistent way, on schedule, and in a manner that customers expect. To achieve this, you need to accurately estimate when the good or asset will arrive at its destination as well as know if it will arrive late. Anticipating if goods will arrive late at a particular point is beneficial to your customers because it allows you to identify a problem and take action before it becomes an issue. Providing this benefit will improve your customer service and increase the confidence and trust customers have in your logistics service.

An important feature you should offer in your logistics service is the ability to take random pictures of a container or take pictures if an electronic seal is broken on a container. Imagine a scenario where valuable medical substances are being transported to a hospital and only an authorized recipient can open the container. If its electronic seal is broken, you need to have the ability to take a picture and send an alert at that moment. This is a valuable security feature because it discourages tampering and unauthorized access to valuable goods and expensive assets.

When offering a logistics service to your customers, you want them to feel that their valuable goods and assets are safe and secure, even feel like they are right next to it while it's moving from one point to the next. You can offer customers this security by providing an accurate, thorough, and reliable point-to-point asset tracking and monitoring service. This type of benefit can only be accomplished and provided through the right GPS tracking platform.

With the Position Logic platform, you will be able to provide all of these benefits and more. The Position Logic platform offers full support for the integration of devices with cameras to monitor the movement of goods and assets throughout their shipment. From the Position Logic platform, you can select a vehicle and see a sequence of images of the asset being monitored. In addition, you can also send automatic notifications when the goods reach their destination points and even integrate this into your own notification systems. In essence, the platform can be customized to fit the unique requirements of your service provider business.

As the logistics market continues to grow, it will provide many great opportunities for expanding your LBS business. If you’re considering this important market, you should look for an LBS platform with the functionality needed to provide all the features and benefits that logistics customers demand. As I’ve stated before, your LBS software is critical to the success of your business, and choosing the wrong platform can seriously limit your opportunities.

Technology Front

Offering More Than Just Vehicle Tracking

In today's competitive landscape, your GPS tracking platform must offer more than just basic vehicle tracking. As the LBS industry grows and technology becomes more sophisticated, the demands of your customers will increase. To keep up with this demand, GPS service providers must constantly expand the services and features they offer their customers.

You may have asked yourself the following questions: how do I expand the services I offer to my customers, how can I grow my LBS business, and how can I move into different sectors (such as vehicle recovery, asset monitoring and management, fleet management, vehicle security, etc.)? The answer is clear—a GPS tracking platform that addresses all of these challenges by offering more than just vehicle tracking.

Let's look at fleet management companies, for example. In addition to tracking their fleet, fleet owners want to better manage their fleet and leverage its full capacity. This includes saving money on fuel consumption by monitoring fuel usage, optimizing the way vehicles are run, monitoring when vehicles need servicing (such as oil changes, air filters, tire pressure, etc.) and maximizing vehicle life through proper care and maintenance. In order to address these needs, your GPS tracking platform must support the necessary tools so you can offer these additional services to your customers.

Within the Position Logic platform, you have access to all the tools you’ll need to provide these types of services to your customers. In fleet management scenarios, you can set up maintenance and repair for each individual vehicle in the fleet, and maintenance can be scheduled based on the odometer reading, time (specific date), or hours of operation (ideal for heavy equipment tracking where engine hours are a concern).

In addition to scheduling vehicle maintenance, you can also record when maintenance is complete, view a list of the actions completed, and view the total cost of maintenance or repair. You also have access to each vehicle's history of maintenance and repairs. Finally, you can set up "reminders" in the system for things such as scheduled vehicle maintenance, driver license renewal, vehicle insurance renewal, vehicle registration renewal, and tag and title renewal.

Simply put, as your end users evolve, the solution you offer must also evolve. The Position Logic Enterprise solution is a product that offers LBS providers the flexibility to move from basic vehicle tracking—to fleet management with vehicle diagnostics—to logistics tracking with dispatching—to security monitoring with detailed reporting and alerting. The Position Logic platform will continue to introduce new features and functionality so you can demonstrate your commitment and loyalty to your customers.