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June 01, 2010

On Track Newsletter Vol: 7


Welcome to the latest issue of the Position Logic newsletter. As always, we're here to help you and your business succeed by providing practical information, advice, tips, and techniques so your business can grow and stay competitive. Keeping that in mind, sit back and enjoy this issue as we impart our many years of GPS, LBS, AVL and ASP.NET experience and knowledge onto you!


On the Business Front, we've been exploring the benefits your service provider business can provide to three key business targets in the LBS world: security, logistics and fleet management companies. We’ll conclude the series this month by looking at the final target on this list, fleet management companies.

Business Front

Targeting Fleet Management Companies

To conclude our series on the benefits you can provide to key business targets, we'll turn our attention to fleet management companies. The fleet and trucking industry is huge and fleet owners are always looking for new and improved ways to control their fleet and protect the valuable freight it carriers. If you can provide a service that precisely controls and monitors the movement and activities of fleets, increases the timely delivery of goods, and supports vehicle maintenance features, there are many great business opportunities that await.In order to take advantage of these opportunities, you must have a GPS tracking platform that provides all the features and benefits that fleet owners and trucking companies demand. This is often the key ingredient missing from the recipe for success. To achieve this, you not only need the software, but also the necessary support behind it, which is often critical in providing a near zero downtime for your customers. From the software perspective, let's look at some important benefits you'll want to provide to these fleet companies.

First, your service must save fleet owners money. To accomplish this, your GPS software platform must provide tools to monitor fuel consumption, optimize vehicle operation, increase vehicle life, and monitor when vehicles need servicing. This includes things such as monitoring oil level and tire pressure and determining when air filters need changed. In addition, you’ll also want to closely monitor hours of operation to ensure that vehicles are only being used during specific business hours, thereby discouraging the personal use of vehicles. By providing these additional services, you'll save fleet companies a ton of money and they'll view your service as a worthwhile investment.

The Position Logic platform and team gives you access to all the tools and support you’ll need to provide these types of services and benefits to your customers. For example, you'll be able to set up maintenance and repair for each individual vehicle in a company's fleet and maintenance can be scheduled based on the odometer reading, time (specific date), or hours of operation, which is ideal in scenarios where engine hours are a concern.

Besides the scheduling of vehicle maintenance, the Position Logic platform records when maintenance is complete, displays a list of completed actions and shows the total cost of maintenance or repair for each individual vehicle in the fleet, a very important feature that all fleet owners demand. In addition, the PL platform also provides a record of each vehicle's past repairs and features "reminders" in the system for things such as scheduled vehicle maintenance, driver license renewal, vehicle insurance renewal, vehicle registration renewal, and tag and title renewal.

From the support side, your software vendor needs to provide quick and responsive 24/7 support. This is often an overlooked but essential component to the success of your LBS business. In fact, support should never end with the sale. Your software provider should take the extra step to help with your hardware and software integration and configuration. After purchasing a GPS tracking platform, installing, testing, and integrating the GPS hardware and software can often be challenging. If your software vendor is not advising and supporting you through this process, you'll be at a disadvantage compared to your competitors.

In summary, there are many great opportunities for expanding your business into the fleet and trucking industry. Before you can successfully enter this market, however, make sure you find a reputable software partner who can provide not only the required tools, but also the necessary support. Remember, the sale is just the beginning of your relationship with your software provider, not the end of it.