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January 28, 2013

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 31

Welcome, everyone!

This month in the OnTrack Newsletter we call out two up-and-coming areas wherein GPS tracking is being put to good use. The first post talks about some innovative ways that police departments are using GPS devices, and from there we move on to discuss personal tracking and highlight a couple of uses of these small, powerful and sometimes even wearable devices.

The idea behind these posts? The GPS tracking industry continues to grow -- and with a little creativity and backed by the Position Logic platform, your GPS tracking business can grow right along with it. Enjoy!

Law Enforcement Locks On to GPS Tracking

Police forces around the world are often early-adopters of new technologies. In many cases, it gives them an advantage over the criminals they seek–whether via pure technological superiority, like thermal imaging, or by clever little surprises, like hiding GPS trackers to bait thieves. Read More »

Personal GPS Tracking Devices

…they’re cool until the dystopian future when we’ll be slicing ourselves open with scalpels and prying tiny blinking satellite beacons out of our thighs so we can evade robot spiders sent by the government to execute us with laser beams. Right now, though, they’re (mostly!) a lot less menacing–both in form factor and typical applications. Read More »

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