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February 27, 2013

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 32

Welcome, everyone!

Welcome to the latest addition of the OnTrack Newsletter! This month we're going to call out a couple of things that can help you take your GPS service provider business to the next level with two quick lessons on branding your business and using Google's free Analytics tool to help you understand what visitors do on your company website. Remember: With Position Logic you're in business for yourself, but never by yourself. Let's grow!

Google Analytics: Tracking Your Site Visits (no GPS required)

Your business is all about tracking things. You measure things like fuel efficiency, miles driven, stops made and speed limits exceeded with your GPS tracking software. But are you tracking one of the most important metrics to your business – website visits? And not just visits – but your visitors’ behavior? Start tracking these 3 key metrics and start understanding how to improve your GPS tracking business’s performance. Read More »

Using Brand Consistency to Help Grow Your GPS Tracking Business

The ultimate goal of any company is to win the hearts and minds of its customers — and this is particularly true as a GPS service provider, where you are asking potential clients to entrust your brand with tracking their assets. You always want to let your name be known and hopefully grow into the company that people immediately turn to when in need of GPS tracking, fleet management, or other relevant areas. Anyone can start a business — but if you don’t at least attempt to give your company an image that consistently communicates who you are, potential clients may lose interest quickly or — even worse — choose a competitor that seems more legitimate. Read More »

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