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June 25, 2013

OnTrack Newsletter Vol 35


Welcome back to the latest edition of the OnTrack Newsletter! Last month we called out the first two posts in our series on how to start and build your GPS tracking business, and this month we've carried on that theme with two more selections on building your business. The first article is a general discussion on selecting appropriate GPS tracking hardware, while the second serves as a reminder of just how powerful route management is as a selling tool as you approach prospective clients to grow your business. Enjoy!

Route Optimization for Increased Fleet Efficiency

Companies in the business of delivering physical goods or on-site services will all benefit from optimizing the routes their drivers take while completing their daily work.

Stop leaving money on the table.

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Considerations for Selecting GPS Tracking Hardware

If you are considering starting a GPS tracking business, you know there are many steps to go through as you begin. One of the most important steps in starting, though, is to pick the right GPS tracking hardware to offer your clients.

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