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August 15, 2012

OnTrack Vol 26: New Monitoring Center Features

Business Corner

Eyes on the Monitoring Center

Early this month Position Logic unveiled its new Monitoring Center and Case Management features. The Monitoring Center was designed to give users of the Position Logic GPS tracking platform the greatest possible efficiency and flexibility in how they monitor their assets.The efficiencies start at the very top, where platform administrators are able to see all of the most important information about their platform grouped together into one easy-to-read location. From there, administrators can further increase the efficiency of both their monitoring center and their operators by assigning groups of assets to different operators – meaning operators now will only see the assets that they have been assigned, decreasing noise and increasing the amount of attention that an operator can pay to his own assets.

The increased efficiencies don’t stop there, however. The Monitoring Center was built from the top down to be “exception-centric,” a design decision made after realizing that many users, particularly those responsible for monitoring hundreds or even thousands of assets, don’t necessarily need to see everything that’s going right – what they really need to see and to manage are the assets that are operating outside of whatever criteria the monitoring user establishes. To that end, the Case Management system was also released along with the Monitoring Center.

You’re On the Case

The Case Management system greatly increases the efficiency of operators by centralizing all information about a given incident, from the initial alert through all of the steps taken to manage the incident to the ultimate closing of the case. Each case opens in its own window, and presents all of the information about an asset so that the operator can make appropriate decisions about how to handle the incident, including things like vehicle, driver and contact information. A second tab in the window allows the operator to remotely issue appropriate commands to the device, such as “Unlock the door.” Because improved logging was also implemented for cases, any actions taken and the user who initiated them are instantly recorded by the platform, allowing for the auditing and review of all cases that occur on the platform.

What do all of these changes mean to you? Being more efficient in how you monitor assets on the platform has some huge benefits: It lets you do less work while simultaneously letting you monitor more assets, which is an exponential gain in efficiency for your business. It also improves how incidents are tracked and handled, which will likewise lead to large gains in the efficiency of your clients’ assets – meaning that from the ground up, these enhancements are a win-win for everyone involved.

The Wait is Over

Our developers here at Position Logic certainly didn’t sit around congratulating themselves on the successful release of the Monitoring Center, however. Back to work they went, and the result is even more enhancement goodness this month, starting with improvements to the History Search feature in Tracking. This feature had in the past occasionally taken a long time to return its result, which certainly impacted on the efficiency of administrators using the feature. With this new release History Search has been sped up, enabling administrators to more seamlessly and efficiently gather information from Tracking History.

To complete the theme of all the incredible enhancements to efficiency released by our developers this month, we’re also pleased to tell you that the Report Subscriptions interface has been enhanced to provide a more simplified, easier-to-use workflow and navigation interface to users. Don’t mistake “simplified” with “lack of control,” however! You will still be able to select a variety of useful options when creating or editing your reports, including its name, language, frequency, to whom it’s emailed, and much more. So if you’ve ever been slowed down in the past by the report interface, go check it out now – you’re going to like it!

Efficiency Excelsior

Our theme in this month’s Tech Knowledge, quite obviously, has been the efficiency increases that come from all of the new features released over the course of this month. We’ve said it before, and we’re going to keep on saying it: Making things better for you so you can make things better for your clients has a “trickle-up” effect that ultimately betters everyone involved. If you’d like Monitoring Center enabled on your platform (it’s free, but we do need to activate for you), or you’d like to talk about this month’s other enhancements – or any other platform features, for that matter – don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Existing customers (yes you, in the blue shirt!) can contact their account managers, or anyone at all can visit the website, catch up with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or just give us a call at (U.S.) 1-866-676-2371 or 239-465-0587 (U.S./International). No matter how you get ahold of us, we look forward to speaking with you!