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August 29, 2012

OnTrack Vol 27: Linking Up for Business

The Business Corner

Linking Up for Business

Last month we took our first look at LinkedIn, a social network designed for and aimed primarily at business. For the reasons we detailed last month LinkedIn is quite possibly the best of all possible social networks for business, and this month we’ll explore a little more how you can take advantage of it.

In Good Company

You are known by the company you keep – and this adage is even more relevant as you broaden your visibility across new social networking horizons. Last month we showed you how valuable creating a profile in LinkedIn could be for making connections and scouting out and qualifying new leads, and now it’s time to dig down even deeper and build your company a company page. What – did you think LinkedIn was only for posting résumés? It turns out that it’s so much more! Think of it like building blocks: Start small, and keep expanding your network connections and potential customer base until eventually you’ve built yourself an awesome castle!
How does a company page benefit you? By allowing you to tell your company’s story. There are over 12 million business professionals and 1.3 million small business owners already on LinkedIn, and by highlighting your products and services you can open up lines of communications to these potential customers. Enticing, isn’t it? Read on!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Your company page will have three customer-facing sections, with an option for a fourth. The Overview tab comes first, and provides a high-level summary of your business. You can post company announcements, new release information or pertinent industry news. This is also where you can make your value proposition and out-shine your competitors, and also create content that is of interest to your customers and engage in interactive conversations.

The next tab is for Careers. As your company grows you can interface with millions of passive and active job seekers. The Careers tab is an extremely powerful way to tap into LinkedIn and your network when looking for just the right new hire, but its usage does require a paid subscription by your company to access.
The Employee Insights tab will show your employee’s new titles, departures and the most common employee skills. Use this as an opportunity to let visitors know about promotions and growth within your company, which on a professional networking site like LinkedIn

The optional tab, but ironically also one of the most important, is your Products and Services tab. Here is where you can go into detail on all of the products and services that your company offers, including an image for each one. Want to push the fuel economy benefits of your fleet management service? Here’s the place to do it. Want to educate your potential customers on all of the different GPS tracking devices you offer? You can do that, here too. To sweeten it even further, other LinkedIn members can come here and offer recommendations of your products and services, which creates valuable word-of-mouth buzz (for free!) and expands your potential reach to anyone in the network of that recommending person. That’s some powerful medicine right there.

Statistically Speaking

Finally, there are two other tabs for your company which only you can see – the Follower and Page Insights tabs. Statistically speaking, soft connections can offer you the biggest opportunities to close new deals. LinkedIn offers you a valuable analytics tabs to view statistics of the visitors to your site so you can see who is viewing and what content is the most compelling for your visitors. You can also see Follower Statistics and Page Statistics for the last seven days, so make sure you go on at least once a week to capture this information!

As is the case with all social media, as you start to grow your follower base your message will start to be heard. You can position yourself as an expert in your field, connect to new potential customers and have valuable recommendations that others will trust.

Now that’s good company.