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November 09, 2012

OnTrack Vol 29: Technology and Time

Tech Knowledge Post

Our developers are some of the best in the software engineering field, whether within or without the location-based services industry. They consistently strive to make our GPS tracking platform better and better for two main reasons. The first reason, of course, is because having the best GPS tracking platform in the world lets you build the best GPS tracking businesses on top of it. The second reason – and if you know software developers, you no doubt already know this – is that, like Lady GaGa, they can’t help it… they’re just born that way, with a certain inherent drive to pursue excellence.

Well, this month our Position Logic engineers pursued so much excellence that we had to do not one, but two releases containing a variety of powerful enhancements… so grab a cold one and sit back while we run down the highlights of the latest features to roll out on the platform. We promise you won’t be disappointed! (Unless, of course, you spill your cold one on your keyboard.)

Users, Assets and Groups, Oh My

The first new enhancement allows administrators to selectively choose and assign which users on their platform get to see which assets. Individual users may be assigned permissions to see everything in a group, or the administrator may select specific assets within a group to make visible to the user.

Sound confusing? It isn’t – and let’s prove it with an example. Suppose you have three different users on your platform: User 1, User 2, and User 3. Now further suppose you have four different groups: Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D, and each of those groups has, say, three tracked assets in it. By using the User Group Access tool, you could (again, for example) quickly and easily assign all of the assets in Groups A and B to User 1, all of the assets in Groups B, C and D to User 2, and just two of the assets in Group C to User 3. In fact, any combination is possible, covering any need you might have.

Why use this tool? Well, one reason is to control access to assets that a user might not have a need to see, and thus helping to maintain the compartmentalized nature of your users. Another great reason for using the tool is to increase user efficiencies and response times by making sure that a user only needs to see the assets that he’s responsible for. Of course, you might have your own reasons for wanting to use this tool – and that’s why we gave it to you. You can find it in Dashboard->Tools/Settings->Tools and Settings->Security Tools->Manage User Group Access.

Blocking and Re-activating GPS Devices

Our next two enhancements released this month further improve efficiencies for users of the platform. We’ve made blocking and unblocking devices even easier for site admins, which is great news for those of you who have ever had a device start to over-report. Whereas prior to this release a user had to put in a support ticket or call their account manager to have a device blocked, site admins can now perform the task directly by signing in to the platform and going to the Manage Blocked Devices link.

The interface of the Managed Blocked Devices tool couldn’t be any easier to use: On the left are all of the active devices, and on the right a list of all currently blocked devices. Users can either find a device manually or use the search functionality to do so and then quickly and easily move devices back and forth between the active and blocked statuses, presenting an enormous time and money savings to those who will need this functionality going forward.

Spring Forward, Fall Back

The final enhancement this month is primarily aimed at those with users in the United States of America. Daylight Savings Time (DST), which is basically an adjustment of the clock one hour backwards in autumn and one hour forward in the Spring, can raise havoc when someone forgets to adjust the time settings and lead to users thinking that their data is off by one hour, when in fact it is they who are off by an hour! Not confusing enough? Some areas of the United States use DST, while others do not!

This new enhancement lets admins set up Daylight Savings Time functionality so that times on the system will automatically update. Furthermore, it allows for the functionality to be set individually on either the client level or group level – meaning no one will ever be late for work on the first day of Spring DST again!

Looking to start your own GPS tracking business? Learn more by requesting a demo and seeing how our features benefit you.