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July 10, 2012

Dramatic Enhancements Arrive for GPS Tracking Platform

Ever since its founding, Position Logic, LLC, a leading B2B provider of hosted GPS tracking platforms and software, has followed two main tenets: Be the best, and never take being the best for granted. In practical terms, that philosophy is what drives constant innovation on a GPS tracking platform that already leads the LBS industry -- and in keeping with that philosophy, today Position Logic has announced the release of two major industry-leading enhancements to their GPS tracking platform: Case Management and the Monitoring Center.

The Monitoring Center is a new feature designed to give Position Logic’s clients a great deal of flexibility in how assets are monitored. It presents a centralized location for administrators of GPS tracking platforms powered by Position Logic to see all of their most important platform information centralized in one location, thereby providing a boost in efficiency and ease of management for platform administrators. It further allows for platform administrators to assign discrete groups of assets to different users for monitoring, with the end result being that a Monitor Center user only sees the assets that he is responsible for. Eliminating the clutter of assets that don’t need to be monitored by a particular user greatly increases the signal-to-noise ratio for that user, making them more efficient and more capable of truly monitoring all of the assets assigned to them.

Users can monitor GPS device alerts and manage cases

According to Andres Hernandez, lead developer in charge of implementing both the Monitoring Center and case management enhancements, the feature is extremely important for users who often will have literally thousands of GPS tracking devices on a platform. “It’s important on platforms that have many assets for users to be able to focus effectively on just the assets they are responsible for,” said Hernandez. “It increases their efficiency exponentially. We saw this situation happening where some platforms had so many assets it could potentially be difficult for a user to manage. So we understood what needed to be done was to first limit visibility to only those assets that a user has been assigned to monitor. This innovative approach gave our clients the solution they were asking for.”

Hernandez also touched on the second feature in the latest release of the platform, Case Management, which increases monitoring efficiency even further. Whereas prior versions of the platform had running reports that allowed users to see lists of current and historic alerts, the new case system provides a way to fully document incidents and centralize all the steps taken and other related information about a given alert for easier management and audit. Alerts will display with all the information a user might need to take appropriate action, including vehicle, driver and contract information; a second tab contains functions that allow a user to remotely send commands to a device such as “Turn on dome light” or “Kill engine,” for example. Furthermore, logging of information within a case has also been enhanced, now allowing users to see all interactions with and commands to a device, including the user who initiated a particular command.

According to Felix Lluberes, CEO of Position Logic, this feature increases the efficiency of users of the platform by allowing them to focus on what’s important at any given moment. “This concept is very exception-centric,” said Lluberes. “It allows users to be extremely efficient by letting them focus on the things that need attention. They don’t need to know much about the ninety-nine people who are where they’re supposed to be, doing what they’re supposed to be doing. They just need a way to know about the one asset that has strayed out of bounds by crossing a geofence or exceeding speed, for example. With this concept our customers can easily license and manage more devices, meaning that everyone from the end user all the way up is better off.”
"The Monitoring Center and Case Management features increase efficiency so greatly that they should be considered a must-have for all security companies and electronic monitoring centers looking to better organize their resources, optimize their operations and increase their team efficiency and load handling," concluded Lluberes. The upgrades are free, and current users of the platform should call Position Logic to have them activated on their platform if they are interested.