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February 24, 2012

Position Logic Adds Pursuit Mode, Device History Handling

Naples, FL—February 10, 2012—Position Logic, LLC, a leading provider of location-based services and GPS tracking software, is pleased to announce several improvements to its already-powerful asset tracking and monitoring platform. Enhancements include a new “Pursuit Mode” while device tracking, and easier moving of device history between user-defined groups.

An enhancement to the GPS tracking software’s mapping tab, Pursuit Mode is a new way of tracking one individual device. The user simply selects the device they wish to track – be it installed in a vehicle, carried on a person, or utilized in any other way – and the system zooms in to that device. It will continue to follow that device and stay zoomed in even through system refreshes.

In response to user suggestion, moving a particular device from one user-defined asset group to another has also been improved by allowing the user to decide whether they wish to also move the device’s history. Whereas tracking and mapping allow one to see where a device currently is, device history allows a user to see the device’s entire path, or to see where a device was at any given time in the past. Device history can even be exported into a KML file and replayed visually using programs such as Google Earth. It is inefficient to move device history between groups if the user doesn’t need it – so allowing the user to decide on a device-by-device basis just makes sense.

Position Logic's GPS tracking history shows vehicle path

To Ariel Gonzalez, Position Logic’s Director of Operations, evolving the platform to suit client needs is nothing new, and this particular update will allow clients to be even more productive: "We often work on solutions based directly on client input, and we heard them loud and clear regarding [the history tool]," he said. "Allowing them the option of moving their own device history is an excellent addition to our rich feature set, saving our clients both time and money."

For more information on Pursuit Mode, GPS devices, or location-based services, please feel free to contact Position Logic at 866-676-2372 (Toll-Free) or 239-465-0587 (US/International), by email at sales@positionlogic.com, or Request a Demo online.

About Position Logic

Position Logic, LLC, is a leading business-to-business, location-based services provider committed to supporting businesses worldwide with integrated and applied business intelligence, precision technology, and customized services and solutions. Position Logic has offices in Naples and Orlando, Florida and the Dominican Republic as well as clients in over 38 countries spread over the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Africa and in the Middle East region. Position Logic provides GPS tracking software and hardware solutions, service and support to several key industries, including fleet management, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), logistics, and security monitoring and crisis management.