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December 28, 2012

SCORE Naples Announces 2012 Client of the Year Award Winner

Naples, FL—December 27, 2012—The year is drawing to a close and lots of annual “best of” lists are being published both in print and all around the web, and SCORE Naples was no exception as it recently announced its Client of the Year award winner for 2012, Naples-based Position Logic.

Position Logic, LLC, a B2B provider of GPS tracking platforms to businesses offering location-based services, was chosen as SCORE Naples’s client of the year not only because of their meteoric rise to global preeminence in the GPS tracking industry, but also because of the solid business fundamentals put into place and practiced by Position Logic as they grew as a business under the tutelage of SCORE Naples counselors.

SCORE – or Senior Council of Retired Executives – helps young businesses grow by providing retired senior executives to serve as mentors and counselors. Although SCORE client businesses tend exceed the growth rates of new businesses that do not use SCORE services, Position Logic’s growth rate – close to 200% year over year – has been phenomenal, and in 2012 earned them a place on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in America.

“SCORE has helped us so much,” said Position Logic CEO Felix Lluberes. “Their help all along has absolutely contributed to our success. But even more than that, the great advice and counseling they have given us will help us to keep growing every year. We are honored that SCORE Naples has chosen us for this prestigious award, and we look forward to a long working relationship with them.”

About Position Logic

Position Logic, LLC, an Inc. 500 company, is a leading business-to-business, location-based services provider committed to supporting businesses worldwide with integrated and applied business intelligence, precision technology, and customized services and solutions. Position Logic has offices in Florida and the Dominican Republic as well as clients in over 50 countries spread over the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Africa and in the Middle East region. Position Logic provides GPS tracking software and hardware solutions, service and support to several key industries, including fleet management, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), logistics, and security monitoring and crisis management.

For more information about Position Logic, please contact our Sales Team by phone at 866-676-2372 (Toll-Free) or 239-465-0587 (US/International), 801.665.0587 (fax) or email at sales@positionlogic.com. You can also visit the Position Logic website at www.positionlogic.com.