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June 30, 2011

Position Logic Announces YouTube Channel

Naples, FL—June 30, 2011—Position Logic, LLC, a leading provider of location-based services and GPS tracking software, is pleased to announce the recent launch of the Position Logic YouTube channel. The Position Logic YouTube channel was created to give service providers a single resource where videos and learning materials can be accessed. To find the new Position Logic YouTube channel, simply search for “Position Logic.”

"The idea behind the Position Logic YouTube channel was to provide a wealth of training and informational videos to GPS Tracking companies and service providers worldwide so they can learn more about our platform, services, GPS Tracking Devices and get up-to-speed on how to use it for specific tracking applications," stated Hong Long, CTO of Position Logic. "Our new YouTube channel provides a library of videos that are grouped by categories of information. We are very excited about this opportunity and feel it is a great way to share information about our products, services and industry.”

“We will frequently update our YouTube channel and look forward to providing videos on how to use our platform and how to target specific industries and segments of the GPS service provider market, such as fleet management, security monitoring and tracking, AVL, and logistics tracking," continued Hong. “Our channel features a plethora of user-friendly information that can be quickly accessed by our end users. This new channel presents another avenue of communication between us and our GPS service providers.”

“We think our YouTube channel is a fantastic vehicle for the Position Logic brand to become known,” stated Ariel Gonzalez, Director of Operations. “Our service providers can now go online and view quick tips on how to use our GPS tracking platform as well as point their customers to our channel. This saves substantial time as customers will not need to log on to the platform to access help or other useful information about the platform.”

About Position Logic

Position Logic, LLC, is a leading business-to-business, location-based services provider committed to supporting businesses worldwide with integrated and applied business intelligence, precision technology, and customized services and solutions. Position Logic has offices in Naples and Orlando, Florida and the Dominican Republic as well as clients in over 38 countries spread over the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Africa and in the Middle East region. Position Logic provides GPS tracking software and hardware solutions, service and support to several key industries, including fleet management, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), logistics, and security monitoring and crisis management.

For more information about Position Logic, including their GPS tracking platform and location-based services and support, please contact Herman Rivas, Director of Global Sales at 239.963.1036 (direct), 407.625.2822 (cell), 801.665.0587 (fax) or email him at sales@positionlogic.com. You can also visit the Position Logic website at www.positionlogic.com.