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November 16, 2010

Position Logic Releases New Tracking Page

Naples, FL—November 16, 2010—Position Logic, LLC, a leading provider of location-based services and GPS tracking solutions, announces the release of a new vehicle and asset tracking page functionality. The new tracking page will provide additional features to Position Logic customers and help improve their asset tracking and vehicle tracking services.
Felix Lluberes, CEO of Position Logic, stated: "We are excited to introduce a new tracking page functionality into our GPS tracking platform. The new page is a vast improvement over the previous version as we are using a new technology that makes it faster and more responsive. The new tracking page will provide a better overall experience for users as it's now even easier to track a large number of vehicles and assets."

"Our latest tracking page will feature a very interactive type of display as well as provide additional functionality to users," continued Lluberes. "I feel confident that our GPS service providers will find the new tracking module a significant enhancement over the previous version. It will improve the speed and quality of their service and increase end user productivity."

Lluberes elaborated by saying, "As their business grows, service providers will need to add additional GPS tracking units, which will increase the demands placed on their tracking platform. With the new tracking page, this won't be a problem as our service providers will have a tracking module that allows for the true handling of a large number of devices, provides quick access to tracking unit information, and supports the ability to ping [request GPS location]. At Position Logic, we are always looking for ways to help our customers improve the quality of their service and support them with their business, marketing and technology needs."

About Position Logic
Position Logic, LLC is a leading business-to-business, location-based services provider committed to supporting businesses worldwide with integrated and applied business intelligence, precision technology, and customized services and solutions.

For more information about Position Logic, including their Location-Based Services Platform, please contact Herman Rivas, Director of Global Sales at 239.963.1036(direct), 407.374.3850 (cell), 801.665.0587 (fax) or email him at sales@positionlogic.com. You can also visit the Position Logic website at www.positionlogic.com.