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July 23, 2011

07/21/2011 Release Notes

Release Date: 07/21/2011

Version: 5.8.504.0

Release Notes

Platform Enhancement

- New Feature added to the Vehicle Info Pop-Up - "Summary Date Dropdown"

Platform History Dropdown

With the date selection dropdown users will be able to view data for more than just the current session/date. The user will now be able to view general data, previous locations, past alerts and event history for all the dates there is records for.

Benefits to end-users:

  • Easy to use drop-down interface makes viewing data from different days almost effortless
  • Convenience and usefulness of reports in a day-to-day context
  • Allows the user to view and compare data-sets, such as locations, alerts and events in one location, instead of having to run separate reports

Bug Fix

- GVWR field in "vehicle detail" configuration now accepts values up to six characters where it was originally limited to four