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January 20, 2011

01/19/2011 Release Notes

Release Date: 1/19/2011


Release Notes

Tracking Page

  • Enhancements

o Battery for Device GL100 – Allows client to view battery level via info & Vehicle pop-up

o Allows Client to view a trace line for last 3,5,10 or 15 positions for any given item

o Video Links on Item Pop-up

o History playback now includes a hover-over for every point that displays time, date and name of vehicle for that historical point

o History search – Added a minutes filter to history playback search

  • Bug Fixes

o Fixed various IE9 bugs

o Full Screen handle going off map in IE7

o Zoom From History Pop-up was not functioning

o History Date Fields- Both fields default to current date

o KML – Fixed KML display so that points appear as icons and not red X’s


o Fixed various bugs when viewing in Internet Explorer 9

o Fixed inaccuracies within Detailed Activity Report

Driver Information Page

  • Bug Fixes

o Fixed Birthday Field – When clicking save it would to previous date. It now saves correctly to date entered

Log-In Page

  • Enhancements

o Forgot Password –Added “Forgot Password” request for sites that did not have it

Tools Setting – Landmark Tools – Landmark Editor

  • Bug Fixes

o POI configurable(s) not saving – Certain fields were not saving

o Group Editor - Vehicle Maintenance Tab – Vehicle Detail – Maintenance Schedule – Cost field was not saving

New Feature

Client Notification System

  • This features provides a tool for our Service Providers to send emails to their client base, allowing for an easy way to send communication quickly and
    securely to multiple clients through the Position Logic platform.

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