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February 03, 2012

Position Logic Release Notes

Release Day: February 2, 2012

Platform Enhancements
Enhancement 1:
NEW TOOL: Move devices from group to group within a client

Users will now have the option of moving a device along with its history, from one group to another within a Client, without needing to create a ticket.

Benefit to Users:

This feature will save the user valuable time when/if they need to move a device from one group to another along with its history. Previously, the user had the ability to move a device but could not move its history. The user would need to create a ticket and then a Position Logic developer would need to complete the task.

IMPORTANT: When moving items without history, the unit will not be visible on the map until its next reported position. It will still be available if you search for it using the “Track Tab” on the left side of the tracking page. It will only be on the list and will not on the map until it reports. Please be sure that you are not using any filters when searching.

How to configure this functionality:

(It’s important to highlight that the configuration for this functionality should be done to the targeted group.)

The following steps are necessary for this configuration:

Step # 1: Configuration to enable and disable this feature

  1. In “Site Tools” select “Configure Site Settings
  2. Scroll down the bar located at the right hand side of the screen
  3. Select “Yes” where says “Allow Unit History Copy
  4. Click “Save”



Step # 2: Configuration to enable and disable the copy of the device’s history (for this customer only)

  1. In “Site Tools” select “Manage Clients”
  2. Open the “Client Editor” window
  3. Click in the “Configuration” tab
  4. Check where it says “Allow Unit History Copy”
  5. Click “Save”



Step # 3: Select the Customer

  1. Open “Group Editor”
  2. Click in the “Vehicle” tab
  3. Click where it says “Assign Existing”
  4. Click “Search”
  5. Check the name of the device you wish to move
  6. Check “Import History”
  7. Click “Add Selected Items”


(See Images below for example)


Enhancement 2: IDLE icon changed in history tab

The IDLE icon has changed its design and color in the history tab.

Description and Benefits for Users

The IDLE icon previously gray in color which gave the impression of being passive and of no importance (see image below). Now, users will benefit from the consistency of this icon with the IDLE directional icon that is shown in the map. This change makes it easier for the user to identify the IDLE icon.



Enhancement 3: Pursuit Mode

This feature allows zoom-in the visualization of a selected device in the map without having the map returning to its original size when it refreshes.

Benefit for Users

This feature is useful for users whose goal is to monitor closely a device because it allows tracking its exact location, keeping the zoom level of the device even when the map refreshes. This feature is aimed to serve specially security companies, tracking monitors, etc.


It is important to remember that this feature is only valid when a single device is selected. Otherwise if more than one device is selected, the map will try to follow the devices with the maximum amount of zoom.

End Platform Enhancement