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October 09, 2012

Release Notes 10/9/12

Enhancement, Item Assignment to User

Benefit to Users:

This Enhancement to the User Group Access feature of the Platform, provides the user with a brand new feature – not available prior to this Platform Release. Users will now have the ability to assign items – Assets, Individuals & Users – directly to a user. A user can be filtered to only display certain items with a Group that many contain other items.


This Enhancement of the User Group Access, will provide users with the ability to limit the items that the user is associated with. This feature is completley optional and, is available on a per user basis. This will give the administrator the option to set this up for one, or all, Users within their Platform.


To enable the new User Group Access feature, simply follow these steps:
1. Login to Client Level Platform
2. From the Dashboard, select 'Tools and Settings'
3. Within the Security Tools, select 'Manage User Group Access'
4. Select 'View Access'
5. You will now see a list of the Group and the Items associated to the Groups
6. Toggle the checkbox for any Groups/Items to select
7. Click on 'Save'

Bug Fix: Maintenance History Odometer


Users were able to create a new Maintenance Record, and enter an Odometer reading, however, when the user tried to save this, the Odometer reading was changing. Users who were experiencing this issue, would not receive any error message.

Users were able to see the change in odometer after the Maintenance Record had been created & saved. The odometer entry would be reduced every time the error occurred. The odometer reading would not save as the user had entered it nor, would it save at a high value – the saved value was also below the entered value. Any time the user went to correct the odometer reading, an incorrect odometer reading would be saved.


Users are now able to create Maintenance Records and save the correct odometer reading. The user will no longer experience the bug with the odometer reading changing, for no given reason. Users will also be able to edit & save this odometer reading correctly. This fix will influence all users and save the user from having a record with incorrect data.

Bug Fix: Driver Detail, License/Insurance Information


Users were unable to save information, over 2 characters, within the 'License Restriction' field of the Driver Detail. This was causing users limited access to a field where, often times, additional information is required to be entered.

Users who were experiencing this error, were able to input more than 2 characters into the License Restriction field however, once the user tried to save this, only the first 2 fields were being saved. Users were not given any error message whatsoever – the additional characters were simply removed with the save.


Users are now able to input more than 2 characters into the License Restriction field, with no errors. These characters include Letters, Numbers and Special Characters. Our Developers were able to influence the back-end of the system to allow for additional characters to be used in this field, similar to the other fields within the Driver Detail. This fix will allow all users to enter additional characters in the License Restriction field.