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November 09, 2012

Release Notes 11/9/12

Enhancement: Mobile Platform – Display Client Name

Benefit to Users:

This Enhancement to the Mobile Platform provides the user with the ability to offer personalized name-branding to all clients. Prior to this Release, all Mobile Platforms displayed the name of the main client. This created confusion for some clients and did not allow for all clients to have name-specific Mobile Platforms. Users will now have the ability to assign a 'generic' title name for all clients in addition to the option of Mobile Platform Branding.


This Enhancement to the Mobile Platform, will allow users to truly personalize the Mobile Platform for all of their clients. In addition to the creation of personalized Mobile Platform Branding – Position Logic currently offers this to everyone, free of charge – Users now have the option to also provide a title name for all clients. Currently, the user will need to request this from their Account Manager however, a feature will be added in the near future for the user to update this on their own.

If you wish to use this feature, or have additional questions regarding this or the Mobile Platform Branding, please contact your Account Manager.

Bug Fix: Overlapping of Geofence Labels


Users were finding that when Geofences were viewed on the Platform, the names of the Geofences were being shown in an overlapping view. This was occurring at various levels of zoom on the map. This overlapping of Geofence Name was being shown on all Internet Browsers however, not all Users were experiencing this issue.

Users, who were experiencing this bug, were able to create & edit Geofences without problem. The only time this problem was seen was when the Geofences were active on the Tracking Map or, when the user had selected & drawn multiple Geofences on the Geofence Tab. Once one of these options was viewed, Users saw the names overlap when they were anywhere near each other. The only way to remove the overlapping names, was to zoom in as much as possible. Otherwise, any other zoom option would display the overlapping Names.


Users are now able to view the Geofence Names without any overlapping. The names are once again displayed correctly on both the Tracking Map and the Geofence Tab. Users will no longer have to zoom in as much as possible, in order to remove this bug. Rather, the names will be displayed – without overlapping – at all zoom levels. This fix will affect all users who were experiencing this issue, across all Internet Browsers.

Users were not receiving the accurate results when using Closest Item feature within the Routing Tab, on Open Layer Maps. Users were seeing no items displayed when using this feature, no matter what search options were selected. This was only occurring on the Open Layer Maps.

Bug Fix: Closest Unit in Routing, With Open Layer Maps


Users, who were experiencing this error, simply did not receive any information when using the Closest Item feature. When a User selected to find the Closest Item via the Map, Address, Landmark, Circle or Polygon, no results were yielded. Within the Routing Tab, the Directions were working correctly – it was only the Closest Items that were not working. Also, users did not receive an error message but rather, would not receive any results after the Search.


Users are now able to once again use the Closest Item within the Routing Tab, without problem. No matter which option is selected and used for the Search, the user receives the Closest Item Results along with the option for Directions to these Units. In addition, all other features of the Routing Tab are working as expected. This fix will influence all Users, using the Open Layer Maps.