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February 14, 2013

Release Notes 2/14/13

New Feature: Device Not Reporting Wizard

Benefit to Users:

This New Feature to the Position Logic Platform will allow the User to easily diagnose Devices that are not Reporting. Prior to this Release, Users did not have a 'Device Not Reporting Wizard' available, for all Clients. By adding this New Feature, Users are now able to run through a series of steps & view messages from a Device Not Reporting.


By creating this New Feature, Users will be able to view a Series of Troubleshooting Steps & an area in which to Analyze an IMEI and/or Port Number. Users are able to input the IMEI that is not reporting, and Analyze not only the 100 Most Recent Messages Reported but, also analyze the 100 Most Recent Messages with Valid Positions. This will allow Users to quickly diagnose if the Unit is indeed Reporting with Valid or Invalid Positional Information.
To Use the Device Not Reporting Wizard, Follow these Steps:

  1. Login to your Platform & select 'Tools & Settings'
  2. Select 'Device Not Reporting Wizard'
  3. Review the Series of Troubleshooting Steps Listed
  4. Input an IMEI or Port Number and select 'Analyze''

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 2.06.25 PM

Update: Inactivity Page

Benefit to Users:

This Update will enable Users to see a much more User-Friendly page when a User is logged out of the Platform, due to Inactivity. Prior to this Release, Users were presented with an 'Error Page' which caused confusion and Client complaints. By adding this Update, both Users and Clients will be presented with a professional view, when logged out for Inactivity.


While this Update may not seem like a big change, it will provide all Users and Clients with an updated landing page. No longer will Users need to field Client confusion & questions when the 'Error Page' is displayed. Rather, Clients will have a clear understanding that they have simply been logged out of the Platform, due to Inactivity. Also on this landing page, Users will be provided with a link to return to the Login Screen.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 2.06.36 PM

Bug Fix: History Search, Specific Times


Users were receiving no information when performing a History Search within a Specific Time. This was occurring only when a specific time frame was selected. If only a date range was being used, there was not an issue.

Users experiencing this bug, received no information whatsoever when entering a specific time in the History Search. Since this was not the case if a specific time was not given, there was much confusion regarding this. Users were under the impression that there was simply no History available even though, most times, there indeed was. Users were experiencing this issue in all Internet Browsers.


Users are now able to perform a History Search within a Specific Time range and receive accurate results. Also, users are still able to perform a History Search based on just the date – this has not changed. By correcting this bug, Users will no longer have the confusion of if there should or should not be available data. The History Search is working as it should be and populating accurate information.