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June 22, 2012

Release Notes, 6/22/2012

Enhancement: POI Import from Microsoft Excel

Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement to the Platform will allow a more seamless import of POI from Microsoft Excel. While this enhancement will not be visually noticeable to the client, and the upload process has not changed, the client will experience an overall improved performance within the POI Import.
The enhancement of the POI Import from a Microsoft Excel XLS file, will allow the client to experience little-to-no processing time. The client will be able to upload an Excel XLS file, which includes the data and information for multiple POI’s. Prior to this Enhancement, users were able to upload XLS files however, the process was not as clean.
In order for your POI’s to be uploaded correctly, please confirm that your XLS follows this format.
*Required Fields:

To Import a POI from a Microsoft Excel XLS File, please follow these steps:
1. Login to the Client
2. Select ‘Tools and Settings’
3. Under the ‘Import Tools’ Heading, select ‘Import Landmarks’

4. Select ‘Choose File.’ Be sure that your File follows all Rules listed.

5. Once the File has been selected, select the ‘Upload’ button

6. After the file has been uploaded, you will see the Landmark Information within the Group

Bug Fix: Reminder Notification

Users were receiving duplicate Reminder Notification’s for Reminders that had been setup within the Platform. Rather than receiving the normal amount of Notifications for Reminders, users were being sent multiple Notifications at shortened intervals of time.
Users were experiencing this issue no matter what the type of Reminder Notification was setup. While the Reminders were indeed sending, the duplication of these Reminders resulted in users being bombarded with Notifications.
Users will now receive corrected Reminder Notifications. Users will no longer experience the multiple Notifications as they were prior to this Release. This fix will influence all Reminder Notifications that a user can setup – Driver DOB, License Information, Insurance Information, Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle Maintenance and More.