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July 23, 2012

Release Notes, 7/9/2012

Upgrade: Tracking – History Search

Benefit to Users:

This Upgrade to the Tracking feature of the Platform, provides the user will a more seamless experience. Users will no longer have delayed periods of wait time to search for & access Tracking History Information.


The upgrade of the History Search within Tracking, will provide the user with little-to-no processing time. The process for performing the History Search has not changed however, the user will gather results in a more seamless fashion. Prior to this Upgrade, users were able to search for & gather History information but, at a much slower speed.

Upgrade: Report Subscriptions

Benefit to Users:

This Upgrade to the Report Subscriptions feature of the Platform, provides the user will an easier to navigate feature. Users can now setup new & edit existing Report Subscriptions in a much more simple to use manner.


The upgrade of the Report Subscriptions within the Platform, will provide the user with a feature that is not only beneficial but also, easier to navigate from previous versions. The user will find the layout of the Report Subscriptions to have a simplified flow. Also, the processing time for selecting additional features within setting up a new Subscription, is next to nothing. Prior to this Upgrade, users were able to setup Report Subscriptions however, the process was not as user friendly or nearly as fast.


While setting up a new Report Subscription, you will see a variety of options. To setup a Subscription, please follow these steps:

1. Select Client
2. From the Toolbar, select ‘Reports’
3. From the options within ‘Reports,’ select ‘My Subscription
4. The Report Instance Editor will then be displayed. You have the ability to select a variety of options including:

A. Report Name
B. Report Language
C. Report Frequency
D. Report File Format
E. E-Mail To
F. E-Mail Subject
G. Filter

5. Once you have made your selects, select ‘Save’

Bug Fix: Adding/Editing Clients


Users were receiving error messages when Clients were Added or Edits were performed to the Clients. Rather than receiving confirmation that the Client has been Added or Changed, users were receiving error messages. Users who were experiencing this issue received these error messages however, the Client was successfully Added or Edited. While the Additions or Changes were indeed being made, users were receiving an error message indicating that they were not being saved.


Users will now receive confirmation that a Client has been Added or Edited successfully. Users will no longer experience the error message as they were prior to this Release. This fix will influence all Client Additions and Edits within every User’s Platform.