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April 22, 2014

Release Notes April 2014

Enhancement: Import Dispatch trips and edits stops

Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement adds to the client tools and setting import section the ability to import Dispatch Routes into the platform through Excel spreadsheet. This process will allow for many Routes to be added to the platform quickly and also editing stops after they have been imported. There will also be an update to the platform interface to allow editing of the location and times of each route stop. Prior to this release, the option to import dispatch routes was not available within the import tools.

Users will now be able to go to the tools and settings menu and within the import tools option. Users can now select the option and edit stops as shown on the pictures below:

GPS platform import dispatch stops


Enhancement: Update of the Dispatch interface and trip rounding time accuracy enhancement

Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement to the Dispatch stop time column within the Dispatch tab was updated to show instead of stop time, departure time. Also the trip calculations were enhanced to display accurate results. With this new modification, the user will be able to understand better the trip status by seeing accurate results and also the departure time.

Users will now be able to see the modified column and also make sure that the time displayed rounding is correct.

GPS platform departure time

Enhancement: Enhance map item labels and hover labels selection

Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement to the client tools and setting menu will enable to the users to select which labels they want to show on the item label or hover label. Prior to this release, the users were only able to select which fields to display on the item label but not on the hover label. By providing this enhancement the user will have the option to select or deselect which items to display and it will be easier to determine which.

Users can now select the items to be displayed as explained on the previous paragraph. On the picture attached, you can find an example of the actual enhancement:

Edit hover labels on GPS map


Enhancement: New fields added for Syrus Ecu Monitor devices within the CAN tab/Vehicle information popup

Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement to the CAN tab within the vehicle information pop up for Syrus Ecu devices was to integrate additional fields to the current Syrus integration. Listed here are the fields that were added:
• Actual Speed (OS)
• Service Distance (OW)
• Oil Level (ON)
• Transmission fluid level (OM)
• Engine coolant level (OG)
• Oil pressure (OO)
• Coolant pressure (OR)
• Transmission fluid (OK)
• Engine Coolant (OJ)

Users are now able to see additional information provided from the Syrus devices. Under the CAN tab, the user can see this available information once the device is configured with the proper hardware profile and configuration.