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August 28, 2014

Release Notes August 2014

Enhancement: DCT Pegasus Gateway

Syrus Pegasus Gateway provides enhanced management tools for Syrus embedded functionalities. Its great benefits include certified data management for all Syrus capabilities as well as remote diagnostics, firmware over the air (FOTA) and remote configuration management.

Syrus integrators will now be able to forward their devices data through Pegasus Gateway to the Position Logic’s platform.
This will allow seamless scalability to Position Logic’s professional business model and eliminate the complexity of hardware/accessories interaction.

Position Logic / Pegasus Gateway compatibility makes Syrus interaction with ECU monitors, temperature sensors, ID readers, cameras, expansion ports and other accessories, a plug and play process.

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Pegasus Gateway

Enhancement: Extended String Capacity on Answer for Monitor User

Benefit to Users:

This Enhancement to the Monitoring Center of the Platform, will enable the Users to write extended Responses when taking on a Case in the Monitoring Center. Prior to this Release, you had a limit of 255 Characters per Response within the Case. By providing this Enhancement, Users will be able to create more Detailed Comments Explaining what occurred this will help record the Case's.


This will appear upon Accepting a Case in the Monitoring Center, allowing the User to describe Details during their Investigation. If you would like to see the Full Benefits this brings, simply submit a Ticket and your Support Technician will be able to assist you.

Extended string capacity

Bug Fix: The Changing of Geofence Colors


When an End user attempted to change the Colors of an Existing Geofence, the New Colors were not being saved. This caused confusion for the End Users because the Colors were not being saved as Expected. This issue was only occurring for a limited amount of Users however, this is now working as Expected for Everyone.


Users are now able to Change the Geofence's Inside and Border Colors. This has been corrected for all Users to ensure that both the Users experiencing this bug, and the Users not experiencing this bug, will receive the Visual Confirmation of the Change.

Geofence color