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February 19, 2014

Release Notes February 2014

Enhancement: View Device Assignments

Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement to the View Device Assignments, within Site Admin, will provide the User with additional and relevant information, all in one place. Users will now be able to view the Hardware Name and Integration ID (when enabled) within the View Device Assignments. Prior to this Release, this information was not available within View Device Assignments and Users had to view multiple screens in order to gather all relevant information.

Users will now be able to view additional information fields within the View Device Assignments area of Site Admin. In addition, a horizontal scroll has been added to enable easy access to all information. Users will enter View Device Assignments and have the ability to see two new fields. First, the Hardware Name will display the Hardware Profile that is associated with the item. Second, the Integration ID will display the Integration ID, when enabled within the Client Editor. Both new fields are also sortable via Alphabetical Order. By providing this additional information within View Device Assignments, Users will be able to gather a big-picture view of the necessary information. In addition, the User will be able to Export this information for usage in Microsoft Excel.

View Device Assignments

Update: Minimum and Maximum Speed – Geofences

Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement to the Platform will provide the User will the ability to setup a Minimum and Maximum Speed for all Geofences. Prior to this Release, there was not an option for Minimum and Maximum Speed, as the Speed Option was singular. By providing this Enhancement, Users are able to broaden their scope of Geofences and the ability to use Speed as a feature.

Users will now be able to setup a Mimimum and Maximum Speed to be used on all Geofences. This can be completed when the Geofence is being created and when the Geofence is being Assigned. Users will have the option to enter one, both or neither of these fields, in relation to Speed. Speed will display in the Unit of Measure that is setup for the Client. The Geofence Speed Alert will continue to allow the User to receive Alerts, based on the Minimum and Maximum Speed(s) that are setup.

Geofence Editor Menu


Bug Fix: Information Cutoff on Reports in Mozilla Firefox

When viewing Reports within Mozilla Firefox, the Logo and Information on the top of the Report, was being cutoff. This caused the information to be semi-viewable however, necessary information was removed. In addition, this caused the Report to display a non-complete Logo. This issue was only occurring while viewing Reports in Firefox and did not occur once the Report was exported and saved.

Users are now able to view all Report information while using Firefox. The Information on the top of the Report and the Logo, are no longer cutoff and out of view. As this issue was Firefox specific, our Developers were able to quickly isolate and identify the issue causing this bug.