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June 13, 2013

Release Notes June 2013

Enhancement: Texting Directions

Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement will provide Users with the ability to Text Directions to an SMS Domain, in a more text friendly format. Prior to this Release, Users were able to send Directions to an SMS Domain however, the format was not text friendly. By providing this Enhancement, Users will be able to truly utilize the ability of Texting Directions to an SMS Domain.


Users will now be able to utilize the ability to Text Directions to an SMS Domain. The new functionality will enable the messages to 'break apart' prior to being sent. This will enable the mobile device to receive the directions in individual messages. Prior to this Release, the directions would send in the same format as an e-mail. This caused many mobile devices to only receive part of the directions. In addition, the end user was not always aware that they were missing part of the directions. Listed below are the SMS Domains that are supported with this new Enhancement:

SMS domains for GPS messaging

Update: Automatic Assignment to Site Support and Site Monitor Users

Benefit to Users:

This Enhancement to the Platform will enable Users, without Admin access, to create new Users, and assign Security Groups, within their Site. Prior to this Release, users without Admin access were unable to do this. By adding this Enhancement, Users will be able to create new Users without needing to rely on the Admin User of the Site. In addition, the Admin User will be able to dictate which Users have this functionality.


Users will be able to use this feature when creating New Clients. Within the Client Editor, Users now have the option to Automatically Assign the Client to the Site Support Users and/or the Site Monitor Users. Users now will simply select this option during the setup process. This Update provides a great tool for Users while creating new clients, and allows the User to perform all setup, in one simple location.
Authorized users can now create new GPS platform users

Update: Driver Assignment to Vehicles

Benefit to Users:

This Update to the Platform will provide the End-User with the ability to assign a Driver to only one Vehicle at a time. Prior to this Release, end-users were able to assign the same Driver to multiple Vehicles. By providing this Update, end-users will now have a more visible Driver to Vehicle Solution. This will save the end-user countless hours and enable the Driver Reports to be much more accurate.


Users will now receive an Error Message while trying to assign a Driver to a Vehicle, while currently assigned to another Vehicle. The User will need to Remove the Driver from the previous vehicle prior to assigning the Driver to a new Vehicle. This Update provides great visibility to the End-User and will allow for much more accurate reporting in regards to the Driver and Vehicle Relationship.
Driver vehicle assignment on the GPS tracking platform