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February 24, 2011

02/24/2011 Release Notes

Release Date: 02/24/2011

Version: 5.8.328.1501

Release Notes

New Feature - Live Tracker

Position Logic is very excited to announce an innovative new feature, “Live Tracker” to our extensive list of tools designed to make every clients platform experience more enjoyable and efficient.

"Live Tracker" provides our clients the ability to closely observe mission critical items in a separate window dedicated solely to that particular item, thus allowing you to track a particular item of interest while continuing to work on your platform.

Benefits of Live Tracker:

  • Ability to monitor items of importance separately
  • A must-have for security companies doing pursuit tracking!
  • Ability to keep a close eye on specific items
  • Isolated monitoring

How to access this feature:

  1. Enter a client's site
  2. Select the "Tracking" tab
  3. Click on an item's icon on the map to bring up that item's pop-up
  4. On the bottom center of the pop-up there is a new button labeled "Live Tracker"; click on this button
  5. A new "Live Tracker" browser window will open
  6. Within this browser you can set:
  • The refresh rate of the map
  • How many previous positions you would like the map to show
  • The type of map being displayed (map, satellite, hybrid or terrain)

This map will continue to update the vehicles positions as they report in, as well as show the recent history of that vehicle.

How to access Live Tracker:

What it looks like:

New Feature - Live Tracker Share

Just as important, "Live Tracker Share" will allow your clients to share and view items with anyone in a protected environment for a set period of time determined by them. This functionality is compatible with any browser, it looks great in mobile browsers!

Benefits of Live Tracker Share:

  • Enable anyone to track specific items without needing a log-in
  • Enable sharing of tracking assets for events
  • Secure communication method

How to use "Live Tracker Share":

  2. If permission "LIVETRACKER_SHARE" is enabled there will be a "Share This" link at the top right hand corner of the Live Tracker window
  3. When you click the "Share This" link a pop-up will open prompting you to enter an email address and a "Link Expiration" duration
  4. Once you have entered this information click the Share link
  5. An email will be sent to the email address you input indicating that you would like to share the "Live Tracker" window for that particular vehicle
  6. When the recipient clicks on the link contained in the email he/she will have a new browser window open with that vehicles "Live Tracker"
  7. NOTE: The settings you have configured when you click the "Share This" link will carry through to the recipients window and will not be configurable from their end (refresh rate, map styling, show last X points)

How to access Live Tracker Share:

What the email looks like:

This feature has replaced “Last X Positions”, as such you will no longer see this option on the bottom of the left pane on the “Tracking” tab.


  • Vehicle Configure Tracking:

Description: Tab now includes a checkbox to allow a client to visually identify vehicles that are out of service.

How to Get There

  • Go to Manage Clients > Select Client > Select group > Select Vehicle editor for desired vehicle > Select Configure Tracking > New "Out of Service" check-box appears

  • KML Vehicle Pop-up Redesign

Several information fields were added or adjusted within the vehicle pop-up for KML history playback

Bug Fixes

  • Driver “Date of Birth” Field was deducting one day when save button was clicked. Only affected some users
  • When creating a Point of Interest using Lat/Long save was not working correctly for certain users