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May 06, 2013

Release Notes May 2013

Enhancement: Tracking Page Pop-Ups

Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement will provide the Users with additional information on both Tracking Page Pop-Ups. Prior to this Release, the information available to the Users was limited – on both pop-ups. By providing this enhancement, Users are now able to access a large amount of information, from the Tracking Page Pop-Ups.


Users will now be able to add and view additional information related to the Assigned Driver of a Vehicle. In addition to seeing these additional fields in the Map Pop-Up of the Tracking Page, Users will also now have access to the Drivers Tab in the Information Pop-Up of the Tracking Tab – an option that was not available prior to the Release. In addition, there have been additional fields added to both the Map and Information Pop-Up of the Tracking Tab. These Updates are listed below:

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 1.31.13 PM

Enhancement: Creation of Users by Non-Admin Client

Benefit to Users:

This Enhancement to the Platform will enable Users, without Admin access, to create new Users, and assign Security Groups, within their Site. Prior to this Release, users without Admin access were unable to do this. By adding this Enhancement, Users will be able to create new Users without needing to rely on the Admin User of the Site. In addition, the Admin User will be able to dictate which Users have this functionality.


Users will now have the ability to create new Users, even if they do not have Admin Access. The Admin user will need to assign the new Security Resource, 'SECURITYUSER_SAVE' to the Users assigned Security Group, to enable this feature. Users will need this Resource in order to complete these functions. Once the User has this Resource, they will be able to create new Users. After the User has been created, they will be able to assign Resources – dictated by the Admin User – to the new User.
*For more detailed training on this New Enhancement, please contact your Account Manager.*

Update: Mobile Platform Viewer

Benefit to Users:

This Update to the Mobile Platform Viewer will provide the User with visible information in regards to the Group for each Vehicle Tracking and the Client for this Group. Prior to this Release, the information displayed in the Mobile Platform Viewer was very limited. This made it difficult for Users to easily identify the Group and Client being viewed within the Mobile Viewer. This Update will be available on all Mobile Viewer Platforms.


When Users access the Mobile Viewer Platform, they are first presented with the Dashboard. In addition to viewing the Item Names & there Last Report, Users will now be able to also view the Group in which the Item is assigned to. This will be visible directly under the name of the Item. Also, the Client Name will be listed on the bottom of the Mobile Viewer Platform. This Update greatly enhances the overall usage of the Mobile Viewer Platform for all Users.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 1.36.37 PM

Update: Cases Tab, Monitoring Center


This Update has modified the order of the Cases listed within the Cases Tab on the Monitoring Center. Prior to this Release, the Cases were listed in Ascending Order. After this Release, the default will list the Cases in Descending Order. This Update will enable the User to view the Cases in a more user friendly manner. The functionality of this has not changed at all – the only change is in the way the Cases are displayed.