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February 27, 2014

Avoid Wasting Time

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Most service companies only get paid when they're helping customers. That's why fleet managers are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their efficiency in keeping their drivers active and serving their customers – and that’s why showing them how a full-featured GPS tracking platform goes directly to increasing their efficiency, can win you more fleet managers as customers.

For a fleet manager to succeed, he must be able to ensure his fleet is as efficient as possible. That means making sure his employees are spending the bulk of their time in front of customers, rather than behind the wheel. Accomplishing this requires them to be constantly on the lookout for tools and services that will lower operating costs, improve revenues, and reduce on-site inefficiency.

Employees wasting time either at the customer's site or while in transit can have a detrimental effect on a business; in other words, this creates a damaging time sink for the company. Fleet managers can correct these time sinks by reducing time wasted at and between jobs:

A GPS tracking platform can help reduce time sinks between jobs by:

1. Improving routes: GPS software can help drivers find the most efficient routes to drive between jobs, as well as navigate congested traffic. Rather than relying on the driver's knowledge of an area or their interpretations of a paper map, the GPS system pinpoints the most effective way to travel from point A to point B. It can also help create smart and dynamic schedules. For many service businesses, additional jobs are added and scheduled throughout the day. GPS tracking helps dispatchers add these tasks seamlessly into existing schedules.

2. Identifying the right closest tech for the right job: Ideally, a dispatcher can assign the closest tech to the job. However, not every technician has the same skills. It may take a rookie twice as long to complete a job as an experienced tech. Or, depending on the task, the rookie may not be able to complete it at all. In both cases, the time between jobs increases and customer satisfaction decreases. GPS tracking can also help measure start and stop times for various jobs. Managers can then see how long different tasks take to complete and help train slower techs to work more quickly.

3. Confirming appointments: A dispatcher using a GPS tracking system knows where his drivers are and what job they will be going to next. As a driver finishes one job, the dispatcher can call the customer for the next job to confirm they will be home or available for the tech to come out and work. If the customer

GPS tracking can also increase efficiency in wages paid and incentives offered. Many companies pay their employees without taking into account the time they waste. Hourly and salaried employees that earn the same whether they complete 6 or 8 jobs in a day don't have the built-in motivation to improve their efficiency. GPS provides insight into areas where fleets can be more efficient, but it still requires appropriate incentives and good management to result in actual behavior improvement.

If you run or are thinking about starting a GPS tracking business, you already understand how useful GPS tracking can be for a business looking to improve its efficiency. As a GPS entrepreneur, you'll have to educate fleet managers on the best ways to apply the information and insights gathered through GPS tracking. As a GPS entrepreneur, you'll have the opportunity to earn a good living helping other businesses improve their efficiency.

The fleets and companies you'll provide tracking services to typically only get paid when they are serving customers. Fortunately, that's not true for companies providing GPS tracking services. They get paid monthly or quarterly for a subscription to the services they provide. This passive income stream make it possible for GPS tracking companies to spend a good deal of time acquiring new accounts and adding them to their customer base. To receive a free demo of Position Logic's GPS tracking platform, sign up today.