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August 19, 2013

GPS Efficiency: Tracking Employee Time Sheets

One more way GPS tracking can increase the efficiency of your clients’ businesses -- and help you grow your GPS service provider business.

Tracking time sheets with GPS

For both small and medium-sized businesses, employee time tracking can be a tedious exercise. For employees, it can mean filling out daily work logs and turning in time sheets every two weeks. For managers and business owners, it can involve hours every month of reviewing, verifying, and approving employee work hours. Managers know there are better uses for their time. They can probably list fifty things they would rather be doing than filling out time sheets.
We have discussed many of the functions GPS tracking software has within a business in this blog. Today, we will look at the ways it can be used to track employee time.

GPS tracking software can easily indicate if your employees are actively working and if they are where they are supposed to be. This location data paired with time stamps provides plenty of useful data points businesses can use to track their employees' work time and validate time sheets. In some cases, the data collected by GPS tracking devices could even take the place of traditional time sheets. Using GPS tracking in place of or in addition to traditional time sheets can have a number of benefits.

Saves time

Using GPS tracking to keep track of employee work time could easily save 15 minutes per day per driver in administrative work. This is valuable time that could be better spent serving clients or developing the business. The time savings will both be for your drivers (who will no longer have to fill out paper logs) as well as for managers (who won't need to spend time deciphering handwriting and matching up paper time sheets with invoices and work orders).

Easier billing

A GPS solution for employee time tracking can also make billing much easier. Rather than having a worker try to remember to log the time they spent working at a client's location, the company can just log the arrival and departure time and bill accordingly. If an employee forgets to log his arrival or departure time in a paper system, whatever he writes down after the fact can only be a guess. It is far more accurate and reliable to have an automated system calculate start and stop times for employee work. It will mean more fair billing for customers and less administrative work for employees.

Ease of cost calculation

Using GPS to track the amount of time each driver spends on each job will also make it easier to calculate the costs associated with various jobs. If you don't know how long it takes your employees to finish various types of work, it becomes very difficult to bill for the services those employees provide. With better time tracking, managers can know how long various jobs take, and calculate the cost of that job based on overhead and the cost of the employees' time.

Greater Accuracy

Not only does using GPS to track employee time make it easier to bill clients and calculate costs, but it also makes those bills and calculations much more accurate. It provides data based on actual events and locations with accurate time stamps. It provides fair and accurate billing for your clients; it provides fair and accurate time sheets for your employees; and finally, it provides fair and accurate information for managers to use to run their businesses.

GPS software make many parts of business more efficient, meaning there are many opportunities for businesses to benefit from its use -- and thus many features you can sell to clients to grow your own GPS service provider business. It also means there are many opportunities for new businesses to start offering GPS tracking services. If you're curious about starting your own GPS tracking business with the Position Logic platform, you should request a free demo of our GPS tracking software today.