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December 03, 2012

GPS Tracking Truant Students

GPS Tracking to Monitor Children and Teens is On the Rise

Students in school, where they may have joined a GPS-driven  truancy prevention program
Using GPS devices to track children is an ever-increasing phenomenon. Some parents require that their children carry a small GPS tracking device in a school backpack, for example, or attach one to a family vehicle used by a teen driver to track things like location, speed, and other safe driving habits. But now it's going mainstream: schools in California, Texas and Baltimore, Maryland are starting to use GPS tracking to monitor students.

According to a recent NBC news article, a school district in California rolled out an opt-in program to help prevent student truancy. When students are flagged in the school's attendance system by being absent too frequently, they can voluntarily accept a GPS tracking device designed for students as an alternative to potential juvenile hall time.

Here's the good news: tracking students with GPS works. Incredibly well. It's no surprise that people who know they're being surveiled perform better, and this is no exception. The attendance of children who accept the program skyrockets to 95 percent, saving the school district money, letting the parents of chronically truant child avoid a $2,000 fine, and perhaps most importantly of all helping the students to learn better attendance habits.

Why GPS Tracking Entrepreneurs Should Care

Talk about a nascent market for GPS tracking entrepreneurs! With almost 15,000 school districts in the United States alone, entrepreneurs looking to make a splash with their GPS tracking businesses could do worse than to approach school districts with suggested devices, a solid GPS tracking platform, and a plan and some data pointing out that because it costs a district approximately $35 a day per absent student this kind of a system will easily save the school money in the long run. And because almost no school districts currently have a GPS tracking system aimed at cutting down student truancy rates, the field is wide open and represents a perfect opportunity for starting or growing your own GPS tracking business.

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