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April 24, 2014

Overcoming Privacy Objections When Selling GPS Tracking

Overcoming Privacy Objections

A common set of objections your GPS tracking business may face when selling its services revolve around privacy. It is likely that some prospective clients you speak to about GPS tracking services will be nervous about the privacy of the GPS data collected on their fleet's vehicles. GPS tracking devices collect a wide variety of information, much of it private company information. This means your business will have to be sensitive to the security and privacy of the data collected and processed. But don't worry: Position Logic can help.

Some employees of your prospective clients will dislike the feeling that they are being watched. Employees will occasionally voice concerns about their privacy when their employer implements a vehicle tracking solution. But your clients have a right and duty to know what is happening in their business, how their vehicles are being treated, and how their employees are spending the work day.

Some workers may not want to work for a company that uses GPS vehicle tracking. However, most employers are not concerned about that, since they realize they are better off without employees who don't want to be held accountable to the jobs they're hired to do. And for existing employees, the only ones likely to quit over GPS tracking are the ones who do not want their employer to know where they spend their work day. A GPS tracking system provides an unbiased way to track and evaluate employee performance and so should be welcomed by employees looking to excel at their jobs, and who have nothing to hide. However, employees have a right to privacy too. While an employer is, and rightly should be, within his rights to track the vehicles in his fleet, employees should still expect that they are not being tracked in their personal vehicles after hours.

For customers worried about the privacy issues of storing their business' location data on servers outside of their control, Position Logic also provides and supports a self-hosted GPS tracking software, giving full control over the security and privacy of the GPS data. The GPS units will only be connected to servers under their control and cannot be accessed by third parties. A self-hosted system gives your clients control over the data and lets them secure the data and keep it private in the way they see fit.
GPS companies handling more sensitive GPS such as VIP tracking, law enforcement, or private security would be well-served using a self-hosted system in order to assure their clients that the data is secured with the utmost privacy and discretion.

On both hosted and self-hosted systems, GPS data is only accessible through the web interface with an authorized username and password. Administrators can also restrict the information other users are able to access, keeping more sensitive GPS data restricted to those on a 'need to know' basis.
Position Logic takes privacy seriously, and your company will have to as well to earn the trust of your potential clients. Keeping data secure is an important service for any software company, but especially so for a GPS tracking business, since there is so much proprietary business information contained in a GPS database (e.g. it essentially logs the locations of all the customers of a business).

Many of the privacy concerns your prospective clients may have are legitimate worries, but they are well dealt with by the security of the system. In addition, the benefits of the system far outweigh the privacy concerns. The improvements in efficiency and productivity, the cost savings in fuel and insurance premiums, the improvements in customer service and satisfaction all work together to make the GPS tracking services you provide into a net benefit for your customers.

Position Logic has years of experience and can help to overcome any privacy concerns that your potential clients may have with the GPS tracking services you offer. To learn more, please sign up for a free demo today.