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October 28, 2014

Selling to a client who has had a bad history with GPS tracking


Not every prospect you speak to about GPS tracking services will be completely new to the industry. There will be plenty of potential customers who have used GPS in the past, or who are currently using services from a competitor. Those who have used GPS tracking in the past but are not currently using it may have had a negative experience or been burned by a previous vendor. However, just because a client has had a negative previous experience doesn't mean that they are not still interested in discovering ways to lower their costs and improve their fleet operations.

If the prospect you are speaking to is closed off to using the GPS tracking because of a negative previous experience, you will have to uncover what went wrong with the previous system and demonstrate how the services you are offering are different and better. You also have to persuade the prospect that you are part of the business that will be good to work with. Not all GPS tracking systems are equal and not all companies that provide them are the same. Your prospect may have had a bad experience because the software was substandard or the vendor unscrupulous.

If you discover that their problems with the previous system were because of the software, ask questions about what didn't work as expected. This will help you to find what features of the services you are selling to emphasize. This can be helpful in differentiating your offerings. For example, if the previous vendor's solution was unreliable, you could emphasize how the Position Logic platform is a hosted solution with incredibly high up time that will scale up to meet their needs.

If it turns out that their problems were with their previous vendor personally, you will have to persuade them that your business is honest and good to deal with. Accomplishing that will require you to provide good references from other satisfied customers and to set clear expectations about what you will be able to provide them. All of this will be in addition to detailing how the software system itself will benefit their organization.

You will have the advantage of being able to address their concerns on this point from the perspective of a business owner. Since you are the owner of the company, you will be able to offer assurances beyond that of a typical salesperson. You will also be in a position to offer payment terms that will alleviate the fears that the prospect acquired from their previous bad experience. For example, if your prospect had a problem getting locked into a long-term contract with their previous vendor, you could offer them service on a month-to-month basis, provided they pay for the hardware upfront. Alternatively, they may still have the hardware from their previous vendor. Position Logic is compatible with most GPS tracking devices. Therefore if their existing hardware is compatible, they can pay monthly without you having to eat the cost of their hardware.

Another reason that GPS tracking may not have worked out for the client in the past is that it was poorly implemented or that their employees were poorly trained on how to use it. These are both obstacles your business will be able to overcome. Beyond closing the initial sale, you will be able to guide them through the implementation process as well as train their staff on how to best use the software and derive the maximum benefit. Your business will be able to provide the personalized care necessary to meet the prospects needs and overcome whatever bad experiences they had with GPS tracking in the past.

You will be able to overcome your prospects negative previous experiences without having to use overly aggressive sales tactics. Instead, find the appropriate product fit for each individual client. The way you will successfully close business is by aligning your goals with those of your clients. Because you helped them save money and achieve a positive return on investment, they in turn will become your loyal customers and will help you grow your business.

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