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August 26, 2014

Selling against competitors


In order to be successful in your GPS tracking business, you will have to learn to sell against your competition. You're not going to be your prospects' only choice for GPS tracking services, so you will have to show your prospects what sets your business apart and why they should choose you from among their many options. To succeed in selling against your competitors, you will need to learn to leverage the unique strengths you bring to your company and your company brings to the market.

If you're starting a GPS service business, you will be going up against competitors who have been in the industry longer, who have larger marketing budgets, and who have a larger dedicated sales force. However, you will have many advantages as well that will help you win new business and win business away from you competitors. Here are a few of the unique benefits you'll have to work with:

Local Service

Chances are your GPS tracking business will be focused on serving a particular geography. The larger GPS tracking companies tend to cater to a national audience. They typically use centralized call centers for customer service and contract out hardware installations to local mechanics. Your advantage here is that you'll be able to put in more face-time with your prospects and will be able to provide the local, in-person service that your competitors will not be able to match.

Owner/Operator Advantage

In your GPS tracking business, you'll be selling your company's services from the perspective of a business owner. You'll have more flexibility with pricing and deal terms than many of the sales people from bigger companies you'll be competing against. Also, you'll be selling to business owners and fleet managers who prefer to work with someone with decision-making authority.

Sales/Service focus

Selling GPS tracking services on the Position Logic platform means that you are not in the software development business. Instead of worrying about developing and scaling the software and technology your customers use, you can focus on finding new clients and growing existing accounts.

Low Overhead

Another advantage of being in the business of selling GPS services is that your overhead will be much lower than that of your competitors. You will be able to run your business successfully with very few or no employees. You won't have the technical infrastructure to maintain or even need to pay for costly office space. You can use that lower overhead to be more competitive on price or to strengthen your margins.

A Great Partner

Even though you will be running your own business, you will not be in it alone. You will have the advantage of selling best in breed GPS tracking software. And you will have the technical and support experience of Position Logic to provide the technological backbone of your business.

Your tracking business will have many advantages to set you apart from the competition. However, here are a couple of additional tips for selling against your competitors:

  1. Know the market: Make sure you are familiar with your competitors. You don't want the first time you hear about a competitor to be from one of your prospects. It won't look good for you to have your prospect be more familiar with the marketplace than you. You should also have a basic understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.
  2. Look for cues that there are competitors involved: Your prospect will often leave hints that they are shopping around by saying things like, "I'm going to get quotes from a few vendors." Use this as an opportunity to uncover who else they are talking to and what features are most important to them. By finding out who you're up against, you'll know which of your competitive advantages to emphasize.
  3. Don't bad mouth your competitors: Saying bad things about your competitors can come back to bite you. Instead, acknowledge the benefits of the other service providers, then share how you can also provide those benefits and more.
  4. Remember your prospect can do nothing: One of the most difficult competitors to sell against is nothing. Doing nothing is an easy option, an easy out. Fleet managers can settle for the status quo by doing nothing and refusing both your and your other competitor's services.

If you're planning to start your own GPS tracking business, sign up for a free demo of the Position Logic platform and learn about the many advantages it will give you over your competitors.