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November 05, 2014

The value of improving driver safety


Most business owners will say that their employees are the most valuable asset in their business. They recognize that the revenues and profits their businesses generate are largely due to the efforts their employees put into their jobs every day. Business owners, especially those running small or medium-sized companies, oftentimes feel a very strong responsibility towards their employees. One of the great benefits of GPS tracking software is that it can help improve driver safety. However, this benefit is difficult to quantify since the improvements in safety result from many different features of the service. Helping your prospects understand the value of improving their drivers' safety will help you close more deals for your GPS tracking business. Here are a few of the ways GPS tracking helps improve driver safety:

Promote safe driving practices

Speeding, hard breaking, and other poor driving habits put employees at risk. A tracking system can provide automated alerts to drivers and their managers to help enforce company safe-driving policies. From there, managers can work with the drivers who tend to speed to adopt safer driving habits. Drivers with the best driving habits can be rewarded and those who continue to speed can be reprimanded.

Respond quickly to emergencies

If a driver is involved in a traffic accident, GPS can locate the vehicle immediately so help can reach the scene more quickly. This is especially important for drivers that do work in remote areas. If they break down in an area with an unknown address or few street signs, GPS can help a tow truck locate the driver. Vehicle diagnostic data can send alerts if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Better vehicle maintenance

A tire blowout or an overheated engine can put drivers at risk. GPS tracking can help with scheduling regular preventative maintenance that will keep vehicles running safely and efficiently. Preventative maintenance tasks such as replacing balding tires, oil changes, replacing engine coolant, and engine maintenance will keep drivers safe.

Ensure appropriate vehicle use

Business owners want to make sure their vehicles are being used for appropriate company business. Geofencing can alert management if a vehicle is being used outside of the approved hours as well if it goes outside of designated areas. Using Geofencing to enforce vehicle use can help keep drivers and vehicles safe by ensuring that they are only being used for company business.

Protect drivers from false claims

Not all risks to drivers are physical dangers. Drivers also face risks of false claims from customers and other individuals on the roads. A customer may call to complain that a driver never showed up to complete a job, but the GPS will show when they arrived and departed. An individual may claim that they saw a business' vehicle hit their parked car and drive away. GPS can show that none of the company's vehicles were there at that time.

Many of the safety benefits GPS tracking provides drivers also helps the business by helping to lower insurance premiums. Fleets with GPS tracking and a safe driving record pay less on their insurance premiums. Alternatively, businesses can use the cost savings from using GPS tracking to invest in more comprehensive insurance plans. Businesses also have a much better chance of recovering stolen vehicles, because they are able to give the vehicles' current location data to law enforcement.

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